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Bushong Ch37-40 Voca


HEALTH PHYSICS The scientific discipline of radiation protection
TVL Tenth value layer. That thickness of material that will reduce radiation intensity to one tenth its unattenuated value
NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement
EFFECTIVE DOSE Concept that attempts to specify the overall risk of harm to an organism by accounting for two variables with the use of appropriate weighting factors
ALARA As low as reasonably achievable
TISSUE WEIGHTING FACTOR (WR) A numerical index of the relative radiosensitivity of various tissues
FIRST RESPONDER Early people on the scene of a radiologic terrorism event who must make the first decisions
CLARENCE DALLY Considered the first x-ray fatality. An assistant to Thomas Edison
MANHATTAN PROJECT The name of the World War II project to develop the atomic bomb
LNT Linear nonthreshold dose-response relationship
TLD Thermoluminescent dosimeter
USE FACTOR The percentage of time during which the x-ray tube is on and directed toward a particular wall
DIAGNOSTIC PROTECTIVE X-RAY TUBE HOUSING Protective shielding in the x-ray tube housing designed to reduce leakage radiation to less than 100 mR/hr at 1 m
GLOW CURVE The response of a TLD as a function of temperature, displayed graphically
PRIMARY PROTECTIVE BARRIER Barrier designed to shield against primary radiation. The image-intensifier assembly serves as a primary protective barrier. Secondary protective barriers are designed to shield areas from secondary radiation which are less thick.
X-RAY LINEARITY Radiation intensity is proportional to the mA station selected.
SECONDARY RADIATION Leakage radiation; scatter radiation
OCCUPANCY FACTOR Relative time that a protected area is occupied
GEIGER-MULLER REGION The voltage plateau over which the Geiger counter detector operates
RESOLVING TIME Applies to Geiger counter and scintillation detector. The minimum time between two interactions allowing both interactions to be detected.
FETAL DL 500 mrem/9 months (5 mSv/9 mo); 50 mrem/mo (0.5 mSv/mo) when declared
MAJOR ORGANOGENESIS The period during pregnancy when the organ systems of the fetus are developing. Approximately weeks 2–8 of pregnancy
ELECTIVE BOOKING Program of scheduling x-ray examinations of the abdomen and pelvis when pregnancy is unlikely
GSD Genetically Significant Dose
PENUMBRA A geometric tail on either side of a collimated x-ray beam
SHADOW SHIELDING Lead or other shielding material attached to the radiographic tubehead to shield the gonads
ESE Entrance Skin Exposure
CT BEAM WIDTH The size of the cone beam in multislice CT, rather than the slice thickness which is determined by detector size
MMD Mean Marrow Dose
NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
EXTREMITY MONITOR A ring or wrist badge
PERSONNEL MONITOR A radiation dosimeter designed to measure the intensity of occupational radiation exposure (e.g. film badge, TLD, OSL)
EXTREMITY DL 50 rem/yr (500 mSv/yr)
EFFECTIVE DOSE The whole body equivalent dose of a partial body exposure that will produce the same response
THRESHOLD DOSE Dose below which a person has a negative chance of sustaining specific biologic damage, or dose at which response to increasing x-ray intensity first occurs.
OSL Optically Stimulated Luminescence
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