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Clav.music GCSE 2010

Questions about the music GCSE course for 2010

What are the key features of Romantic music? There are song like melodies, above homophonic texture. The classical form was expanded to large scale compositions. Most was written for soloists, particularly on the piano, to show off their skill and technique.
What are the key features of Classical music? They have simple 'singable' melodies, usually in 4-8 bar phrases, and usually has a clear homophonic texture. The dynamics use diminuendos and crescendos. Little percussion is used, often only a timpani
Who are some famous composers of Classical music? Mozart and Haydn
What are some key features of Indian Bhangra? It uses western instruments like electric guitars, bass and keyboards.In modern western Bhangra the looping beat of the Dhol is replaced by a drum
What are some key features of Baroque? It's generally polyphonic in texture and there is a harpsichord continuo part. The music is clearly defined in major and minor keys. Melodies are long and flowing imitation and sequences. Orchastras and Ornamentation is used.
Who are some famous composers of Baroque? Monteverde, Purcell, Vivaldi, Bach and Handel
Who are some famous composers of Romantic music? Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner and Debussy
What are some key features of Waltz? A Waltz is always in triple metre. The time signature is usually in 3/4. There is a lot of use of the primary chords (1, 3 and 5). Waltz uses appoggiaturas and chromatic notes. They are played by big orchestras.
Created by: Gradle