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Mr. Blums US History

What is the new deal? FDR'S program for Relief, Recovery and Reform
What is the CCC Employed men in conservation projects
Who is John Steinbeck? Wrote Grapes of Wrath
FDIC Insured bank deposits
TVA built damns in Tennesse
AAA paid farmers not to farm
Social Security Retirement plan
National Youth Administration Highered young people to work in schools
Margaret Mitchell Wrote Gone with the wind
Marion Anderson not allowed to sing by the DRA
Dorthea Lange photographed migrant mother
Hitlers 3 mistakes 1.Not attacking Dunrik at once.2.Attacking Civilan Targets in England3. Attacking USSR
Poland Natiz's attacking started WW2
Pearl Harbor Day December 7th 1941
Mein Kampf Hitlers Book
Benito Mussolini Shot by Italians
Battle of Coral Sea Japense tired to attack Austrila
June 6, 1944 D-Day
A date that will live in infamy FDR
Homer Parish Didn't have hands
Fred Derry Had wife problems-- no job.
Al Stephenson Drank too much..Boss Problems
Elvis Presley King of Rock and Roll
Buddy Holly Died in plane wreck
J.P. Richardson Big Bopper died with Buddy Holly.
Ritchie Valens Died with BH
Country Western prodomiant music of white south
UN work for world peace
Douglas MacArther commanded US troops Korea fired by Truman
Mao Zedong communist lead of china
chiang kai-shek communist lead of USSR
nikita khrishchef defeated by mao zeong
Dwight Eisnhower President when korean war ends
WEndell Wilkie Lost to FDR in 1940
suburbs people moved there after ww1
states rights party 1948 broke away from democrats
Little Rock Arkanas Ike sent troops
Why did Oswald kill Kennedy Kennedy was anti-communist and Oswald was communist
Why did Kennedy go to Dallas? To get more support
Ruby died of cancer
Oswald Ruby shot
Gov. Connaly Oswald Shot
Rachel Carson wrote silent spring
barry coldwater republican 1964
medicare health care for old people
medicaid health care for poor
flexible responce wide range of options
bay of pigs tried to overthrow castro
Berlin Wall built by east Berling to stop people from leaving.
Warren commission Investigated JFK's assination
Dust storm people lost their farms
Created by: mullinsh44887