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Studying for the end fo year test

What is a peripheral? An object that you can apply to your computer that enhances itsabilities
Four examples of peripherals include: Webcam, Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard
What are workplace readiness skills? Speaking, Listening, Writing (communication) Problem solvingWork ethic (the importance you place on doing a good job)
What are workplace readiness skills? Positive attitude independence and initiative self-presentation Attendance Teamwork These are skills that will help you compete in the job market
What is the command panel for all word processing features? Ribbon
What are the four types of alignment? Left, Right, Center, Justified
Which tab do you use to put a header on your paper? Insert ( a header)
Which tab do you use to set the margins? Page layout
Which tab do you use to set the spacing for your document? Home
What is RSI? inflammation of muscles, tendons, or joints caused by repetitive motion of one body part
Name four RSI’s. Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis, tennis elbow
How can you reduce the risk of RSI’s in the classroom? Proper technique, use ergonomic equipment, keep work at eye level, chair height correct, work area comfortable
What is ergonomics? The study of the relationship between man and machine
What is the objective of ergonomicsafety in the workplace? Prevent injury and time off work, and increase productivity
What is the top margin for the first page of a short report? 2"
What is the top margin for the second page of a short report? 1"
What is the top margin for a reference page? 2"
What kind of indent do we use for references? Hanging
What is the spacing of a short report? Double Spacing
What are three kinds of copy? straight, script, rough draft
What is the copy that has been proofread called? edited copy
Where can you find information about careers? vaview.org and bls.gov
What is GWAM? Gross words a minute
How can you increase your GWAM? use correct techniques, practice, and speed drills
How do you proofread your paper? Spellcheck, read it over; reading two times is good
Created by: wpedersen10079