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(CN) Miscellaneous

What are the limitations of hydrostatic weighing? What is the standard error with this method? Need to account for residual lung volume during submersion. Patients must tolerate water submersion during the testing. Standard Error = 2-2.5%
What are the limitations of skinfold measurements? What is the standard error with this method? Requires and experienced examiner. Must account for variance from the standards based on gender, age and ethnicity. Accuracy of measurement is withing 3% with appropriate technique and equipment.
What is the skinfold measurement procedure? Take multiple measurements on right side of the body, retest w/ difference greater than 1-2mm, Position calipers: one cm from fingers, perpendicular to fold, wait 1-2sec before reading, maintain pinch while reading.
What are the standard skinfold sites? (5UE, 2Trunk, 2LE) Chest/Pectoral, Subscapular, Midaxillary, Triceps, Biceps Abdominal, Suprailiac Medial Calf, Thigh
What are the limitations of BMI? What is the standard error? It doesn't measure proportional composition of the body or percentage of fat. Standard error is ~5%
What are the BMI categories? (6) <18.5kg/m2 = Underweight 20-24.9 = Desirable 25-29.9 = Overweight 30-34.9 = Grade 1 Obesity 35-39.9 = Grade 2 Obesity >40 = Grade 3 Obesity
What are the limitations of bioelectrical impedance analysis? What is the standard error, and which other measure is this error comparable to? Require subjects to be properly hydrated and follow all guidelines for the testing protocol. Standard error is 3%, which is comparable to that of skinfold measurements.
What is osteoporosis? Thinning of bone matrix, leading to bone loss and increased risk for fracture.
What are the causative factors for osteoporosis? Decreased WB, inactivity, family history, smoking, drinking.
What medications are used to slow the process of osteoporosis? (general categories) Estrogen, calcium, vitamin D, calcitonin, fluoride.
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