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Night vocabwords

elie wiesel

billeted given room and board
blandishments flattering statements
compulsory required mandatory
congeal to solidify as if freezing to jell
crucible a vessel that heats substances to high temperatures
emaciated extremely thin, scrawny, gaunt, starved
emigration to leave ones country
encumber to burden, weigh down
entity something that has separate and distinct existence and reality
haggard appearing worn or exhausted
harangued to deliver a speech with strong feeling
hermetically so as to be airtight, not allowing air to flow out
lorries trucks
lucidity clear and comprehensible
melancholy mournful depressed soberly and gloomily thoughtless
nocturnal relating to or occurring in the night
oblivion the condition or quality of being completely forgotten
pious deeply religious
reverie a daydream or the state of day dreaming
summarily immediately w/o notice, speedily
truncheons billy club baton carried by authority figures
unremitting without stopping
hasidic jewish sect of mystics who believe in a joyful worship of god
synagogue a jewish place of worship
cabbala an occult jewish philosophy based on mystical interpretation of the scriptures
talmud book of detailed expositions and mystical interpretation of the scriptures
gestapo secret nazi police force
rabbi a scholar and teacher of jewish law a jewish spiritual leader
zionism a movement for reestablishment of a jewish state now a movement supporting the jewish state of israel
emigration the act of leaving ones country
billet to lodge to house
passover a jewish holiday celebratin the deliverence of the hebrews from slavery in egypt
treatise a formal article or book on a particular subject
expound to state in detail, to explain
edict an official public proclamation or order issued by authority
phylacteries small cases holding copies of passages from scripture worn on the forehead and left arm during weekday morning prayers
compatriot a fellow countryman
guerrilla a oldier who makes suprise attacks and raids behind enemy lines
expulsion a driving out by force
pillage to loot to rob of property
constraint restriction especially of the feelings and behavior
SS abbreviation of schutzstaffel, nazi special police force
incite the urge to act/provoke
unremittingly constantly without interruption
bestial like a beast
kapos nazi concentration camp prisoners who were given special privileges in turn for supervising other prisoners
compulsory something that must be done
wizened shriveled dried up
blandishment a flattering remark meant to be persuasive
sanctity holiness
numerology a system built around numbers of foretelling the future
reprieve a postponement of punishment, relief
aryan a term by the nazis to mean a caucasian person of non jewish lineage
raucous hoarse rough sounding
Rosh hashanah the jewish new year the spiritual new year including prayer and rituals
benediction a formal blessing in a religious service
implore to beg beseech
lamentation an expression of grief or sadness
yom kippur the holiest day in the jewish calender, day of atonement, fasting and prayer for forgiveness
interminable endless
emaciated abnormally thin due to starvation
meager of small quantity
crucible a severe test or trial
sage a very wise person as a result of age and experience
calvary where jesus was crucified
derision scorn, ridicule
dysentary intestinal inflammation causing abnormal pain and diarrhea
red army regular army of soviet union
annihilate to completely destroy
summarily promptly
mountebank a fake a charlatan a trickster
indeterminate vague subtle
encumbrance a burden
apathy lack of interest
inert motionless
Created by: Chrispy
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