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Authors birthdays

Study cards for English Final For Mr Reiprich

Date of birth: Robert Frost 1874
Date of birth: Shakespeare 1564
Date of birth: Bradford 1590
Date of birth: Bradstreet 1612
Date of Birth: Edwards 1703
Date of Birth: Bryant 1794
Date of Birth: Irving 1783
Date of Birth: Dickinson 1830 (think about how many poems she wrote. she wrote 1800 altogether then just add 30)
Date of Birth: Edgar Allen Poe 1809
Date of Birth: Franklin 1706
Date of Birth: Twain Aka Samuel Clemens 1835
Date of Birth: Bierce 1842
Date of Birth: Hemmingway 1899
Date of Birth: Henry 1736
Birthplace of Bradford and Bradstreet(country) England
Birthplace of Frost and Poe(town) Boston
Birthplace of Frost(state) California
Birthplace of Hemmingway(state) Illinois
Birthplace of Edwards(state) Connecticut
Birthplace of Irving(state) New york. (think to urself he was rich so where does it cost alot to live?)
Birthplace of Dickinson(state) Massachusetts
Birthplace of Bierce(state) Ohio
Created by: 1442559256
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