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Webb World Religions

Sam Bacon's Stack

Vedas Earliest Hindu Text
Upanishads Second major hindu text
Bhagavadgita Latest Hindu Text
Samsara ceaseless round of death and rebirth
Karma Works or deeds, moral law of cause and effect.
Brahman Godhead, underlying unity
Atman self, eternal soul
Anatman no self
Yoga Method of disciplining body to become one with G-d.
7 Sacrements 1. Baptism 2. Confirmed 3. Holy Matrimony 4. Holy Orders 5. Sacreament of the sick 6. Reconciliation 7. Mass
5 Pillars of Islam 1. creed 2. concial prayer 3. charity 4. ramadan 5. prilgrimage to mecca
Eightfold Path ~ Right Assosciation 1. right knowledge 2. right aspiration 3. right speech 4. right behavior 5. right livelihood 6. right effort 7. mindfulness 8. right absorption
4 noble Truths 1. Suffering 2. Desire 3. realse from craving 4. follow Eightfold path
Hadif Muhamads Commentary
Koran Muhslim Holy book
Tenach Hebrew Bible
Torah First 5 books
Nevim Prophets
Ketuvim Other Writtings
Midrash Collection of stories, folk lore, and legend to make the Torah more understandible
Brahma Creator God
Brahmin A Priest
moksha liberation from finitude
Psalms Poetry of Christian Bible
Shema Fondational confession of faith, Jewish
Talmud Torah Comentary
Epistles letters to early churches
Gospels Four accounts of Jesus' life, teaching, and incarnation.
Monotheism Belief in one personal G-d over everything.
Zionism The idea of Israel having its own land.
Salaam Peace
Islam Submission
Allah The G-d of the Muslims
Muslim one who submits
Revelation G-d speaks to people directly.
Sabbath Jewish period of rest, holy day.
Nirvana Life's goal for a buddhist, released from the finite.
Dharma Buddha's teachings.
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