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Protection for Pat

Radiology / Medical Assistant

The following provide protection from radiation --- filtration & shielding & collimation ( beam restriction )
of the following which does not provide protection from radiation --- ionization
Unnecessary radiation is received by the patient and x-ray operator from --- a repeat x-ray because of technical error or carelessness
The x-ray beam should be collimated so that which of the following is true ? the beam is restricted to the body part being x-rayed & the beam is no larger than the film
What does a automatic collimator allow the x-ray machine operator to do ? --use a film holder larger than the radiation field
An improperly collimated radiographic beam will do which of the following ? result in extra scattered radiation
a device that projects a light field through a collimator to enable the machine operator to see the actual location of the x-ray beam before the exposure ? a light localizer
What is the "main" purpose of filtering an x-ray beam ? to reduce radiation exposure to patient's skin
on which of the following should gonadal shields be used ? all patients with reproductive potential
for male patients you shoudl use --- shaped contact shield
which of the following requires special shielding--- the femur
all of the following are primary exposure factors ---- KVP, MA, exposure Time
when yo increase the KVP and decrease the Milliamperes what happens to the skin exposure ? it is decreased
the following affects the quality (penetrating power ) of an x-ray beam ? KVP
to reduce a patients exposure time for the same quality of x-rays, you could use what combination ? 90 ma for 2 seconds
to reduce patients exposure to radiation you may try --- Higher KVP & lower milliamperes
If you do not change the KVP but you reduce the millliamperes by 20 %, what happens ? patients exposure increases
What are the two components of radiographic film ? film base & emulsion
When x-rays and light photons interact with the radiographic film, what happens to the film to produce the latent image? silver halide is transformed into irregular clumps and strands of black metalic silver.
When using intensifying screens , what type of film should you use ? screen film
A film holder must be ---- light-tight and radiolucent
as a basic x-ray machine operator in florida , which of the following combinations should you employ ? a screen film, & cardboard holder
the intesifying screen is used mainly ---- to reduce amount of radiation required for exam
The active layer (phosphor) of the intesifying screen does what ? converts x-ray beam into light energy
the rare earth screen is more popular than the calcium tungstate (CT) screen because of all of the following --- it needs less radiation than CT, & permits shorter exposure, & faster
what screen combination should you use to reduce pat exposure ? High speed film
the 16:1 grid absorbs the most scatter radiation the 16:1 grid absorbs the most scatter radiation
Created by: TONYMILLER