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Classical Lit.

zeus jupiter;supreme ruler of land
poseidon neptune;spear
here juno;zeus's wife and sister;cow;peacock
ares god of war;vulture;dog;mars
athena minerva;goddess wisdom;owl;olive tree
apollo phoebus;god of sun,music,laurel tree, dolphin
aphrodite venus;goddess of love;dove;mertyl tree;
hestia goddess of home and hearth;vesta
artemis diana;deer;goddess of moon;cyprus tree
hephaestus volkin;armour;god of fire;forge;ugly
hermes mercury;messenger god;winged shoes; father-caduceus
hades pluto;god of underworld;original,visibility helmet
cerberus 3 headed dog; guarded underworld
pan chief;hermes sonmischieveous; nature and flocks
demeter growing things;goddess of agriculture;corn
dionysus god of wine;rebellary;vacus
persephone demeters daughter;hades wife;goddess of underworld
prometheus gave fire to man;brother of atlas
iris messenger goddess; goddess of rainbows
io turned to cow;affair with zeus;gaurded by argus
europa carried away to crete;had affair with zues as a bull;dreamed two contients possessed her
cyclops polyphemus outsmarted by odysseus, plucked out his eyes;son poisedien
narcissus echo was facinated by him;drowned;used to capture pershephone
hyacinth died in apollos arms;hit with discuss;alas-onflower petals
adonisspends half the year w/ persephone;made him spend half.half spends half the year w/ persephone;made him spend half/half
deadalus made labyrinth
pyramus Pyramus falls in love with Thisbe, but when she arrives at their meeting spot, she sees a tiger and runs away. When she returns, she sees her lover, Thisbe, dead and then kills herself.
thisbe Thisbe falls in love with Pyramus. When he arrives at their meeting place, he finds her bloody shawl and kills himself. He does not realize that she dropped her shawl while running away from a tiger with blood in its mouth.
orpheus Orpheus is a talented musician who goes down to the underworld to save his lover, Eurydice. Unfortunately, he breaks his agreement and turns around to make sure she is following behind him on the way back up. She vanishes.
Eurydice Eurydice is Orpheus's lover. She dies, goes down to the underworld, and almost returns to the living--but Orpheus fails to properly bring her back up. ;looks at her
Ceyx Ceyx is happily married to Alcyone, but he decides to take a journey that ends with his drowning.
Alcyone Alcyone, married to Ceyx, sees his body floating in the water. When she dives in after him, she turns into a bird.
Pygmalion Pygmalion falls in love with his own art, a sculpture of a woman. Just when he accepts the hopelessness of the situation, Venus pities him and turns the sculpture into a woman.
Galetea Venus turns Pygmalion's sculpture into a real woman, Galetea.
Baucis Baucis, married to Philemon, welcomes Jupiter and Mercury into their home and thus is saved from a terrible flood.
Philemon Married to Baucis, Philemon welcomes Jupiter and Mercury into their home and is thus saved from a terrible flood.
Endymion Endymion is a beautiful man who, thanks to Selene, is in a magical slumber in which he sleeps forever.
Daphne A beautiful wood nymph, Daphne tries to outrun Apollo and turns into a laurel tree.
Phaethon The son of Apollo, Phaethon asks his father to ride his chariot across the sky. He dies because the ride is too challenging.
Bellerophon Son of Poseidon, Bellerophon tames Pegasus with a golden bridle. After killing his brother by accident, Bellerophon takes Pegasus on many adventures in order to cleanse himself.
perseus golden rain;killed medusa
theseus son of aegeus;offered to be the victim;slayed minotaur;athens
Atalanta Raised by a she-bear, Atalanta is faster than all her suitors. She races them and is winning, but she loses because she is distracted by golden apples.
Hercules One of the greatest Greek heroes, Hercules is known for his unmatched strength and amazing achievements.
Medea Medea helps Jason get the golden fleece and marries him. But when he later marries someone else, she kills the new wife as well as the two sons she bore to Jason.
pegasus flying horse
pelias Pelias steals the crown from his brother and sends his nephew, Jason, on many adventures. Eventually, his own daughter kills him.
jason Jason overcomes many obstacles, most notably winning the golden fleece, in order to win back the crown from his wicked uncle Pelias. He marries Medea but later marries another woman.
icarus daedales son;flew to high and wings melted
achilles greastest greek warrior;greeks;killed by paris
aeneas helped hector;only trojan to survive
agamemnon commander in chief;greek
andromache hectors wife
hector prince of troy; son prium
hecuba queen of troy
helen fell in love with paris;most beautiful women;married to menelaus
menelaus king of sparta;helens first husband
patroclus achilles beloved friend
paris prince of troy;cause of war;kills achilles
priam king of troy
proseilaus achilles closest friend;first to die
Iphigenia Sister of Orestes, Iphigenia almost dies as a human sacrifice(deer), but she is saved by Athena. She is finally reunited with her brother and lives happily.
sinon tells trojans about horse;
odysseus king of ithaca;idea of trojan horse
oedipus Son of King Laius and Jocasta, Oedipus unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother. ;plucks eyes out
antigone guided her fatherwhen he was blind;buried polyneises-punished;
ismene Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta.
cecrops first king of attica
cadmus built thebes;slayed dragon;king of thebes;wife-harmonia
harmonia wife of cadamus;necklace doomed house of thebes
king laius Father of Oedipus, King Laius tries and fails to change the prophecy that his own son will kill him.
procris neice of procne&philamela;killed by cephalus
philomela beautiful nymph;tereus fell in love with her
procne married to tereus;nightingale
niobe 14 kids; turned to stone
clytemnestra agemrons wife
cassandra given to agamemnon as a girft from army
tantalus boiled pelops
creusa sister of procris;captured by apollo
ion creusas son;
orestes ended curse by killing mother;
creon took over thrown from oedipus;
cephalus grandson of the wind king, aeolus
asgard home of gods
odin ruler of asgard
frigga queen of gods in asgard
thor thunder god
balder best of all gods
niflheim underworld of asgard
freya goddess of love and beauty in asgard
pindar greatest lyric poet greece
plato phiklosopher of 4th and 5th century
hesiod a poor peasant farmer theology
homer most factual author,wrote the odyssey
virgil didnt believe myths, found human nature.
ovid not used aqs factual base, only story
moschus alexandrian poet
apuleius a latin, wrote story od cupid and phsyche
euripides most important author
aeschylus tragic poet, contempory of pindar
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