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Radiation Intro

Radiology / Medical Assistant

Who discovered x-rays ? Roentgen
What are some properties of x-rays ? - they are electromagnetic in nature [ just like gamma radiation ] & they produce biologiocal changes & they have a shorter wavelength and higher-energy photon than visible light.
which basic property of x-ray can cause damage to the human body ? - they ionize matter
what causes harmful effects on radiation on the human body ? - ionization
describe ionizing radiation The conversion of atoms to electrically charged particles
natural radiation outer space --- the earth -- food
man made radiation nucelar medicine --- radiographic procedures --- nuclear weapons
all of the following can happen when x-ray mix with matter xray photons pass thru matter and travels in a straight line --- radiant energy is absorbed in matter --- x-ray photons produces images of matter on radiographic film
steps in x-ray production --the heated filament produces electrons, --- when elctrons strike a target , sudden decelleration occurs, ----radpid decellerated electrons produce x-rays
Controlling the qty of X-Rays Adjust the Ma ( Milliamperes)
Controlling the Quality of X-Ray adjust the KVP
the useful X-ray Beam that contribultes to formation of radiographic image - Remnant radition
what radiation is dispersed in all directions by the object being radiographed - Scatter radiation
Describes exposure amount of ionization that occurs in a specified volume of air
the unit for measuring exposure of radiation in air? Roentgen
What is the unit for measuring absorbed dose of radiation ? Rad
What is the unit that takes into account of the biological effects ? Rem
Dose equivalent is the product of --- --- absorbed does, & modifying factor, & quality factor
Created by: TONYMILLER