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EDTC 615 Week 1

Research Words

Data Inventory summary of types of data available
Epistemology the theory or science that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of knowledge
Heuristics Trial and error procedure for solving problems (or reaching an unclear goal) through incremental exploration, and by employing a known criteria to unknown factors
Implication A meaning or consequence implied by an action or statement
Procedural Models organizational structure for practice
Subjective Data Data based on (or related to) attitudes, beliefs, or opinions, instead of on verifiable evidence or phenomenon. Contrasts with objective.
Replicability Property of an activity, process, or test result that allows it to be duplicated at another location or time.
Reliability Consistency and validity of test results determined through statistical methods after repeated trials
Validity Degree to which an instrument, selection process, statistical technique, or test measures what it is supposed to measure.
Implication A meaning or consequence implied by an action or statement
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