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world geography final exam review

Russia's industrial heartland is located in the Dnieper River basin. False
Russia is the worlds largest country in area. True
Gold and diamond mines are found in Eastern Siberia. True
Ukraine's highest point is located in the Carpathian Mountains. True
The trans Siberian railroad is Russia's most important transportation link. True
A major reason that some Russians have chosen to move to Siberia is the lower cost of living. False
Central Asia's poor transportation system and remote location have made foreign trade difficult. True
Kyrgyzstan separates the rest of Central Asia from Russia. False
Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have had the most success switching to a market economy. False
An exotic river is an area where a spring bubbles to the surface. False
Iraq and Saudi Arabia became independent countries in 1932. True
Saudi Arabia is a member of OPEC. True
Algeria has the largest supply of oil reserves is North Africa. False
Morocco is the worlds largest exporter of sardines. True
One important crop in West and Central Africa is Cacao, which is used to make chocolate. True
Most of the waters of the Nile River come from the Blue Nile. True
The climates of East Africa vary greatly due to elevation and latitude. True
Great Zimbabwe was a powerful kingdom of the Zulu peoples. False
Angola and Mozambique were both colonized by the Portuguese. True
Kraals were settlements created to separate nonwhite people from the white people in South Africa. False
Cape Town is the center of South Africa's industrial heartland. False
The Himalayas have a subarctic climate. False
India must import oil to to meet its energy needs. True
The first Europeans to arrive in India were the Portuguese. True
Sanskrit is an official language of India. True
Nepal and Bhutan are landlocked countries in the Himalayas. True
The armies of Alexander the Great once occupied the Indian Perimeter. True
South Central Nepal is home to the Indian rhinoceros. True
Xizang and Xinjiang are two autonomous regions that make up most of western China. True
Christianity is a major religion in North Korea. False
North Korea has a very low birthrate and high life expectancy rate. False
All of mainland Southeast Asia has highland or subtropical climates. False
The Spratly Islands have large oil and natural gas deposits. True
Singapore's location on a major shipping route has helped its growth. True
Undersea earthquakes and volcanoes make typhoons an occasional threat to coastal areas in Indonesia. False
Interior areas of Borneo and Irian Jaya have a marine west coast climate. False
Most of New Zealand has a temperate forest biome. True
Australia is located between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. False
Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to reach New Zealand. True
The Dutch settled Australia as a prison colony. False
The Maori are culturally related to the Chinese. False
Oceanic islands form from volcanic mountains that have grown from the ocean floor to the surface. True
Many Micronesian people appear to be genetically linked to the Aborigines of Australia. False
The first European explorer to the Pacific Islands was the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan True
Which of the following is not a climate found in Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine? Marine West Coast
Who were the Rus? early Scandinavian traders
What is the capital of Belarus? Minsk
Which of the following has not occurred in the difficult transition from Communism? War with the European neighbors
Where is Russia's heavy industry located? Volga River and Ural Mountains
Compared to the United States, in the map above, Russia is? Much larger
What type of tree is particularly common in Central Asia? Walnut
What was the traditional way of life in the Northern region of Central Asia? herding
What is one benefit of Kazakhstan's new capital Astana? It is closer to Russia
Which tectonic plate has not contributed to the formation of the Arabian Peninsula? Cocos
Which bodies of water lie to the south of the Arabian Peninsula? Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden
What factor prevents all the countries in the Persian Gulf from producing desalinized water? It is very expensive to produce on a large scale.
What is the name of the region that includes land from the Persian Gulf through the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers? Fertile Crescent
Which empires tried to control Iran and Afghanistan in the 1800s? British and Russian
What does OPEC stand for? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
According to the map above, which country borders Iraq to the northwest? Syria
According to the map above, the Persian Gulf is most geographically accessible by which group of countries? Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran
Turkey is split in two by the Bosporus, ____, and the Sea of Marmara? the Dardanelles
What two mountain systems run across Anatolia? the Pontic and Taurus Mountains
The Anatolian Plateau has ______? bitter cold winters with heavy snowstorms
Which of the following rivers flows into the Dead Sea? Jordan
Which country has been known for its extensive ceder, cypress, and pine forest? Cyprus
What happened to Palestine after World War I? It became a British mandate
What three strips of land are issues in the Arab-Israel conflict? the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights
The United States gives foreign aid to Israel and____? Jordan
Compared to the United States, the Eastern Mediterranean region is? Much smaller
A wool carpet purchased in Turkey cost $1,000 U.S. About how much is this in Turkish lira? 1.4 billion Turkish lira
About how much is an Egyptian pound worth in U.S. dollars? $o.o2
Irrigated farmlands along the Nile River and Nile Delta produce large amounts of which crop? cotton
What city grew rich trading gold, spices, ivory, and slaves between central and western Africa, Europe, and Arabia? Marrakech
When did Algeria attain its independence? 1962
Desert Nomads called _____ still live along the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt? Bedouins
What types of vegetation are common in the tropical wet and dry region south of the Sahara? grasses, shrubs, and small trees
Which of the following countries does not have significant oil reserves? Mali
Why did Europeans originally explore the coast of West Africa? They were looking for a water route to Asia?
Where did most of the slaves sent to the Americas originally come from? areas between what are now Senegal and Angola
Which of the following was not part of Africa's triple heritage? Judaism
Swahili contains many vocabulary words from what languages? Arabic
Where is Zanzibar located? just off the coast of Tanzania
Which of the following is an important source of water in the Namib Desert? dew and fog
Which of the following cities has a Mediterranean climate? Cape Town, South Africa
What type of biome is found in the middle veld? savanna
What skill did the early Bantu settlers bring to southern Africa? how to make iron tools
What European country controlled Bechuanaland (now Botswana)? Great Britain
Which two countries were once called North and South Rhodesia? Zambia and Zimbabwe
Which country has one of Africa's fastest growing economies? Botswana
Why do so many children develop illness in southern Africa? poor nutrition due to poverty
Which of the following areas experiences extremely high rainfall? between the Western Ghats and the Himalayes
The Thar Desert lies in both India and _____? Pakistan
What is the Kanchenjunga? India's highest point
Where does the Ganges River begin? in the Himalayas
Which region is defined by a strict moral code based on preserving life? Jainism
Who reunited the Mughal Empire and expanded it into central India? Akbar
India is not the world's leading producer of which crop? rice
According to the map above, which major geographic feature is NOT found in India? Isthmus
Approximately how many of India's population of approximately one billion are Christian? 24,000,000
The topography of Bangladesh is continually reshaped by? floods
Which of the following is not a major religion in the Indian Perimeter Christianity
________ is the capital of Bangladesh? Dhaka
What geographic feature separates Sri Lanka from India? the Palk Strait
In which country is the Thar Desert located? Pakistan
What tree forms the basis for Bangladesh's paper industry? bamboo
Of the following choices, which is not a major crop of China? corn
What is a major influence on the climate throughout most of China? Asian monsoon
Which of the following is a valuable export for China? shrimp
What river has been called "China's sorrow?" Huang
When completed, the Three Gorges Dam will do all of the following except? preserve all plant and animal species along the Chang
Where did the Japanese set up a puppet government? Manchuria
Who was Deng Xiaoping? Mao Zedong's successor
What is a chaebol? a large family owned conglomerate in south Korea
What is the capital of North Korea? Pyongyang
Which of the following is not an industrial region of Japan? Sapporo
According to the map above, at their closest point, Japan and South Korea are separated by what body of water? The Korea Strait
Which body of water does not lie off of the Indochina Peninsula? Andaman Sea
Look at the above graph, which Southeast Asian country is most urban? Myanmar
How many people live in Yangon? 2,500,000
If the population of Thailand is more than 60 million, about what percent of the pop lives in Bangkok? 10%
What is the largest island in island Southeast Asia? New Guinea
_________ is a native language of the Philippines. Tagalog
___________ was an early name for Jakarta Batavia
The newest independent country in island Southeast Asia is ____________ East Timor
Which country uses profits from its oil and natural gas reserves to provide free medical care to its citizens? Brunei
The highest mountains of island Southeast Asia are found on _______________? New Guinea
Which Indonesian island has about 1.3 active volcanoes? Java
Which of the following has not claimed the Spratly Islands? Irian Jaya
What is one benefit that the region's volcanoes have provided? rich soil
What is the average rainfall per month from February through October? about 7 inches
Which type of energy supplies 65 percent of New Zealand's electricity? hydroelectric
Most oil and gas fields in Australia are found in the ________________? In the Bass Strait
Which of the following does not describe Australia? Driest continent
Low islands are formed from ____________? coral
Which region of the Pacific Islands includes Easter Island? Polynesia
Which of the following is not part of Melanesia? Marshall Islands
Created by: christinaR1234