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parallel Both teachers teach same lesson at same time
team Considered best co-teach style. Tag team teaching where both teachers deliver lesson together, bounce ideas, jump in and/or raise thought provoking questions.
one teach one drift one teacher delivers instruction, the other mills about helping those who need extra attention.
one teach one observe One teaches, the other observes. Good way to get better documentation of observations to drive individual instruction that supports the learning process of individual students.
station or center Students work in small groups at centers or stations. Teachers take responsibility for teaching and explaining at thier assigned station.
alternative One teacher pulls out group to give extra help or to provide enrichment.
factors that influence effectiveness of co-teaching age/grade level of students, content, instructional strats, teachers' knowledge/skills, commitment to co-teaching style, amt of shared teaching time daily, duration of teacher partership, how students are scheduled into class, and admin support
Keys to effective co-teaching communication, commitment to co-teaching, usage of evidence based instructional practices, admin support, extensive planning, and shared vision of "our" class
Online Resources NEA,Wayne County RESA, Power of 2, Co-Teaching and Co-Teaching Connection
Created by: sroutledge
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