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New Testament 2SemEx

New Testament 2nd Semester Exam

Who claims to be the author of revelation the disciple of John
why does he write this book to focus on a time when people attempted to live and walk the footsteps of Jesus
in Revelation 16:15 how does God reveal that he is coming for you? When does he say he is coming? he says he is coming like a theif. he says he is coming soon
who is the woman mary
who is the dragon devil/satan, force of evil
what does the Lord promise in Rv. 22:7,12? that he will come soon, I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega
a man filled with faith and the holy spirit was chosen by the twelve to be an assistant stephen
the opposition became so angry with stephen that they threw him out of the ( ) and ( ) him to death City, stoned
( ) in attendance at the death of stephen was trying to ( ) the church of Jesus saul, destroy
when saul was on his way back to damascus a ( ) from the sky flashed around him. light
he fell to the ground and heard a voice call out his name and the voice said,"why are you ( ) me?" persecuting
"I am ( )." Jesus
Gentile, they feared his authority of putting the believers of Jesus Christ to death. Saul's conversion to Christianity had many of the Christians ( ) of him and questioned his intentions afraid
the name ( ) symbolizes the believers in Christ Christian
still the apostles did ( ) fully understand Jesus' purpose not
"it is not for you to know the ( ) or ( ) of the ( ) of the Lord" time,day,coming
judas iscariot and ( ) was now counted as one of the 12 apostles mattias
communal life consisted of feeding and helping the poor, the praising and teaching of God and turning ( ) from material ( ) away, wealth
the priests and sadducees were now ( ) concerned by the ( ) number of christian followers very, vast
during the ( ) the angel of the Lord opened the doors of the prisoners and told them to continue to ( ) about the life of Jesus night, speak
the apostles again were questioned and responded that they must obey rather than ( ) man
the church decided that ( ) was not necesssary for salvation. circumcision
a gentile convert to christianity did not have to become a ( ) first, then a ( ) jew, christian
why did paul not go to asia through God telling him to not go there
why did paul go to macedonia through God telling him to go there
by what means did paul travel to rome a ship
where did paul live when he arrived in rome paul lived by himself, in lodging
how long did he stay there 2 years
when the jews rejected the message of paul, to whom did paul turn gentiles
what was the purpose of pauls trip to find people who belong to the way, bring back to jerusalem in chains for punishment, traveling with authorization and commission of the chief priests
to what city was paul travelling damascus
what did the voice say saul, saul, why are you persecuting me?
saul is now paul
a gentile convert to christianity did not need to be ( ) to have ( ) circumcised,salvation
***(jesus) he who "for a while was made lower than angels that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone
an angel is a pure ( )created by god spirit
the name applied to certain spiritual beings or intelligences of heavenly residence, employed by ( ) God
angel means messenger
Demons are fallen ( ) under the command of ( ) angels, satan
satan is called the Prince or ( ) ruler
from whom did Jesus receive his office of high priest? melchizedek
considered by the church to be a heretic joan of arc
many percieved her as one sent by God and others viewed her as a ( ) witch
who is the author of the acts of the apostles luke
*the spread of christianity*the acts of the apostles is a history book recording the events and ( ) of the early ( ) deeds, church
*the foundation of the sporit of god*is the church community in itys lifestyle through (4 things) 1.prayer 2. preaching 3. miracles 4. nussuibart efforts
*through the acts of the apostles*we see the church was established through the action of the holy spirit especially through ( ) and ( ) st. peter, st. paul
the rejection of one ore more established belief of a religious community/church heresy
person killed for maintaining a religious belief martyrdom
one who is sent apostle
when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, filling them with faith and hope pentecost
most letter and epistles begin with ( ) greetings
what are 4 greetings 1.thanksgiving 2.prayer 3.conclusions greeting
*hebrews*directed to a jewish christian community of people whose ( ) was beginning to ( ) faith, weaken
*old covenant* -gold jar holding the manna-the staff of aaron that had sprouted-10 commandments
*new covenant* mary chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus-savior~the bread of life~jesus the high priest~Jesus is the word of God
*revelation*written by ( ) the disciple john
christians are seen as the ( ) and were killed if they spoke about christ enemy
reveals eternal struggles between the Lord&the forces of ( ) evil
but there is hope in God who will triumph over the ( ) evil
*apocalyptic literature*(2 examples) ~symbolism~vindictive language-feelings of horror or shock
*titles for jesus*(5names) 1.alpha and the omega2.the faithful witness3.the amen4.the morning star5. the roots of david
Created by: darrl
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