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Broadway Choreograph

3 Great Broadway Choreographers: Robbins, Fosse, Tune

Born in the Jewish Immigrant Hospital in 1918 Jerome Robbins
Parents owned a corsett shop and worked with many Vaudvillians Jerome Robbins
1st Big Hit: "On the Town" directed and choreographed along with Leonard Bernstein Jerome Robbins
The King and I Jerome Robbins
The Pajama Game Jerome Robbins
Peter Pan Jerome Robbins
Bells are Ringing (with Bob Fosse Jerome Robbins
West Side Story Jerome Robbins
Gypsy Jerome Robbins
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Jerome Robbins
Fiddler on the Roof Jerome Robbins
Tony- Best Choreography- High Button Shoes Jerome Robbins
Tony- Best Choreography- West Side Story Jerome Robbins
Tony- Best Choreography and Best Director- Fiddler on the Roof Jerome Robbins
Tony- Best Director- Jerome Robbin's Broadway Jerome Robbins
Originally born Jerome Robbins Robinowitz, but changed it to avoid ethnic stereotyping Jerome Robbins
Got a ton of people black listed by the House of Comittee of UnAmerican Activities Jerome Robbins
Dad was a Vaudeville performer who got______ into Vaudeville and Burlesque Bob Fosse
Attended Fredrick Weaver Ballet School (only boy in his class) Bob Fosse
Style: dance should naturally come from a walk or a stroll Jerome Robbins
Enlisted in Navy and performed all over the world in WWII Bob Fosse
Big Break: Choreographed The Pajama Game Bob Fosse
Damn Yankees Bob Fosse
Sweet Charity Bob Fosse
Pippin Bob Fosse
Chicago Bob Fosse
Tony- Best Choreography- Damn Yankees Bob Fosse
Tony- Best Choreography- Sweet Charity Bob Fosse
Tony- best Choreography and Best Direction- Pippin Bob Fosse
Tony- Best Choreography- Chicago Bob Fosse
Isolation and lingering movement. Very bent, twisted shapes Bob Fosse
Used cigarettes and top hats Bob Fosse
Acting Career cut short due to balding Bob Fosse
First to recieve a Tony, Emy, and Academy Award in one year- 1973 Bob Fosse
son of an oil rig worker in Texas Tommy Tune
Moved to NYC and got a job at his very first audition for the chorus of "Baker Street" Tommy Tune
Big Break: Directed and Choreographed Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Tommy Tune
Nine Tommy Tune
My One and Only Tommy Tune
Grand Hotel Tommy Tune
The Will Rodgers Follies Tommy Tune
Old-style musical, lots of Vaudeville moves, clean definition and flow Tommy Tune
Tony-BC-A Day in Hollywood/Night in Ukraine Tommy Tune
Tony-BDM- Nine Tommy Tune
Tony-BAM- My One and Only Tommy Tune
Tony- BC The Will Rodgers Follies Tommy Tune
A high school auditorium in Texas is named after him Tommy Tune
6 foot and 6 and a half inches tall Tommy Tune
Created by: rachael94
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