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English3 final vocab

Academic english3 vocab for 2nd semester final

Acquiesce to consent or comply passivley or without protest
Bacchic of or related to a celebration
Consort to keep company; associate
Elegiac mourning that which is lost or past
Euphoria a feeling of great happiness
Festoon to drape or adorn festivley
Fete to honor with a banquet or feast
Fortuity change or accident
Gestate to conceive and develop in mind or body
Jocose cheerful; merry
Propitiate to soothe or satisfy; to appease
Propitious lucky or favorable
Quittance repayment; compensation
Rapport a positive relationship
Requiem a song or religious service for dead or lost
Somnolent drowsy; sleepy
Vigilant on alert; watchful
Congested overcrowded; too tightly packed
Periphery outer most part or boundary
Preferential giving or showing an advantage to one another
Consortium a group of companies or institutions
Insufferable impossible to bear; intolerable
Destined intended for a specific end or purpose
Auspicious followed by favorable circumstances
Languish to waste away
Created by: ryleighquintana
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