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6 gr Egypt

Egypt Country in northwestern Africa.Surrounded by desert, depended on Nile River and agriculture.
Nile River Valley A lower elevation of fertile land found by the Nile River. Civilization thrived here.
Nile River Longest river in the world. (4000 miles long)Begins in East Africa and flows northward. into Egypt.
Lower Egypt Northern part of Egypt.Lower elevation, nile delta located here.
Upper Egypt Region in Egypt south of Nile Delta. South of Lower Egypt. Higher elevation.
Memphis City on the Nile.Located near delta, "blackland"- fertile.
delta Triangular shaped area of soil at the mouth of some rivers. Fertile soil, Nile River flows through.
silt Mixture of soil and small rocks, very rich soil.
papyrus A plant whose stems are used to make a kind of paper.
cataract Large steep waterfall.
Giza City, started 2000 B.C.Built for Pharaoh Khufu, built Great Pyramid.
Menes King, led army north into lower Egypt. (3150B.C). Responsible for unifying Upper and Lower Egypt.
Manetho Priest, advisor.Began to keep records of Ancient Kings during 3rd dynasty. Divided Kings into different dynasties.
Khufu Pharaoh, known for having the Great Pyramid built at Giza 2600 BC
Hatshepsut Daughter of pharaoh, married to King tutmose II.Became ruler upon his death
Akhenaten Pharaoh originally named Amenhotep 1350 B.C. Known for neglecting duties as pharaoh. He and wife nefertiti started to worship a new sun God "Aton".
unify United into one
pharaoh god-king, worshipped as a god, considered to be related to Amon-Ra sun god.
hieroglyphics A form of writing based on pictures.Sacred carvings, represented objects or ideas, also stood for sounds.
pyramid Huge stone structures,( palaces) buildings which served as a house for the dead. Kings buried with their posessions.
mummy Preserved body of a king (pharaoh).Process (70 days) called mummification. all organs removed except heart. Bodies rubbed with oils and perfumes then wrapped in linen bandages.
economy The way people use and manage resources.
Rosetta Stone A stone discovered in 1799 which solved the hieroglyphics mystery. By comparing Egyptian hieroglyphics with Greek, the stone could be read.
Nubia Kingdom of Egypt. Known today as Sudan.occupied since Old Stone Age.
Meroe One of the capital cities of Nubia. Trade flourished, iron was plentiful.
Kush A kingdom of Nubia.Egypt expanded into Nubia 1800 B.C. Kush became independent1650 B.C.
Napata Capital city of Kushites. Kushites moved there after Assyrians attacked Egypt (670 B.C.)Egyptians attacked Kush and destroyed Napata.
Thutmose III Retook Nubia in 1400's B.C. An Egyptian Pharaoh. Demanded Nubians make tributes or payments to him.
Kashta King of Kush 750 B.C. Conquered Upper Egypt. Regained independence.
Piankhi King Kashta's son. Conquered the rest of Egypt.
Amanirenas Queen of Kushites. Opposed taxes imposedon her people. Led Kush into battle and led military expeditions.
independent free
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