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Princess Bride


Ravine a deep narrow valley formed by running water
Singed burn or scorch something lightly
Marauding raid or plunder; to rove around carrying out violent attacks looking for plunder (stolen goods)
Valet a male personal servant of a man, whose duties include taking care of his employer's clothes and providing his meals
Hippopotamic like a hippopotamus
Inconceivable impossible
Colossus a person or thing of immense size or power
Damper something discouraging or a hindrance
Duel a prearranged combat, especially in former times, between two people armed with lethal weapons, usually to settle a disagreement or matter of honor
Bested succeeded or won over (beat) someone; to get the better of
Blunder a mistake, a slip-up, error, gaffe, bungle, wrong step, faux pas, boo boo, stupid mistake
Liabilities disadvantages; something that causes trouble
Assets advantages, someone or something that contributes to the success of something
putrescence garbage,refuse,filth, slime, muck
oxymoron an expression of contradictory words which form a special meaning
Fencing sword fighting
Buffoon clown, joker, comedian
Vengeance retribution, avenge, settling of scores
Portcullis a heavy castle gate sliding vertically
Intrigued greatly interested or curious
Remote situated a long way away; aloof; slight
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