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Edward Scissorhands


1. variation slight difference
2. exemplified illustrated or shown by
3. conventional set pattern;
4. target audience the group of people which is being aimed at
5. conventions customary way of doing something
6. eerie unnerving or unusually disturbing in a way that suggests the supernatural
7. motif an important and often reoccurring theme (subject) or image
8. self-parody a comic or satirical copy of one’s self; comical or outrageous self imitation
9. somber dark and gloomy, serious; melancholy; feeling sadness
10. constituting the make-up the whole or the part of something or to be the ingredient of
11. kitsch collectively decorative items that are regarded as tasteless (vulgar/common); ostentatious (display of success designed to impress people)
12. derelict abandoned or neglected
13. stereotypical standardized image of a person or group
14. imperfection defect
15. illusion something with a deceptive appearance; something that deceives the senses or the mind,
16. juxtaposition to place two or more things together
17. precipitate make something happen; cause; by the catalyst( stimulus to change)
18. equilibrium balance or stability
19. naiveté a naive quality or naive behavior
20. sophisticated (opposite of naiveté) experienced, worldly,
21. aptly appropriately, fittingly
22. cope deal with, manage, get by, survive, muddle through
23. duped to persuade or induce somebody to do something by trickery or deception; fooled,
24. rendered to put someone or something in a particular state; made
25. momentum forward movement; progressive development
26. flee run away
27. revenge act of retaliation; the desire or urge to get even with somebody
28. obnoxious very offensive and unpleasant; detestable; abhorrent; despicable
29. ostensibly presented as being true, or appearing to be true, but usually hiding a different motive or meaning; apparently; supposedly; superficially; presumably
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