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Western Eurpoe Info

Random Facts of Western Europe

What is the capital of Germany Berlin
What is another name for the Beer Festival October Fest
How many people attend the Beer Festival 5 million
What is another name for the black forest the region of Boveria
What is in the region of Boveria Castles
There are river boat tours along this river (HINT: it goes through Germany) Rhine River
What is the capital of Belgium Brussels
Brussels is home to what of Europe's EC (Economic Community)
What is the currency of most of European nations The euros
1 euro is equal to what in USD $1.32 of USD is equal to it
Where does the famous chocolate come from in Europe Belgium, Belgium Chocolate
What is Amsterdam the capital of The netherlands
what is the nickname of the netherlands holand
what is the ethnicity of the netherlands Dutch
What capital city is dug of of canals Amsterdam
What creates energy in the Netherlands Windmills
What is the famous flower in the Netherlands Tulip
What is the famous cheese in the Netherlands Gouda
What two things are legal in the capital city of the Netherlands Prostitution and Marijuana
What is the Capital of England London
Where are Big Ben, Parliment, and the London Tower located London, England
Who was the Prime Minister (P.M.) was Gordon Howard now is David Cameron
What four countries make up the United Kingdom England, Scotland, Whales, and Northern Ireland
Paris is the capital of what country France
What is the nickname of Paris City of Love/Romance
The capital city is known as what the Fashion Capital
What is the Wine Region Bordeaux (champagne Region)
Who said "My God, It taste like Stars" Dom Perigone when he created champagne
What is Switzerland's capital Bern
What are some Swiss Army Products Knifes, Watches, and Clocks
What are the famous falls in Switzerland The Rhine Falls
What is the native song in Switzerland Yoodle
What are some Swiss foods Cheese, Foundough, and Chococlate
Where do people do Alpine Skiing The Alps, the Matterhorn, Zermaic
What is Europe's most famous Art Museum Louvre
What country has the smallest population Iceland
What is the capital of Austria Vienna
Austria is home to what type of music Classical
Austria is home to what famous composers Haydn, Beethoven, and Mozart
Austria is home to what famous choir The Vienna Boys Choir
What famous movie was filmed in Austria The Sound of Music
What is the capital of Italy Rome
Rome is the center of the ancient what Roman Empire
St. Peter's Basilica is located in Rome, but where Vatican City
The Current Pope is who Pope Bennidict the 16th
The wine country is what in Italy Tuscany
What is Italy's Capital of art and the renaissance Florance
Athens is the capital of what country Greece
What is the black and white of Greece black sand, and white houses
What is the nickname of Greece The Playground of the gods
What are some foods from greece Boliakvac, dairy, olive oil, red wine, grapes, and feta
What is the capital of Turkey Istanbul is the capital
Turkey is the land bridge connecting what two countries Europe and Asia
What is the ancient capital of Constantinople now Istanbul
What two religious worlds are in Turkey Islam and Christanity
What is the capital of Whales Cardiff
What is the capital of Northern Ireland Belfast
What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland Dublin
What two languages are spoken in Ireland other than English Celtic and Gaelic
What is vegetation in the majority of Europe The Deciduous Forest
What side of the road do the people in England drive on the left
What is the biggest country (land area) in Europe Russia
What is the I.R.A. The Ireland Republic Army
What did the I.R.A. want to do 1) unify the two irelands 2) help the irish catholics in Northern Ireland 3)Get the United Kingdom out of the country
What is the largest land locked sea in Europe The Caspian Sea
What is the capital of Scotland Edinburgh
What does the Chunnel go under (body of water) Dover Straits
What is the capital of Poland Warsaw
What is the capital of Iceland Reykjavik
What is the capital of Denmark Copenhagen
What is the capital of Finland Helsinki
What is the capital of Liechtenstein Vaduz
What is the capital of Luxembourg Luxembourg
What is the capital of Malta Valletta
What is the capital of Monaco Monaco
What is the capital of Norway Oslo
What is the capital of Portugal Lisbon
What is the capital of Spain Madrid
What is the capital of Sweden Stockholm
What is the capital of the Vatican City Vatican City
What is the Scandinavian Peninsula Norway, Sweden, and Finland
What river travels west to east in Europe The Danube River
What mountain range in located in Italy Apennies
What mountain range boarders the north of Italy the Alps
What Sea is to the right of Italy Adratic Sea
What sea is to the right of Greece The Aegean Sea
What mountains are the boarder between Spain and France the Pyrenees
What is between Spain and Africa The Strait of Gibralter
What is apart of the british isles The republic ireland, and the United KIngdom
What sea is located south of the scandinavian peninsula the Baltic Sea
What Sea is located to the right of the British Isles the north sea
What sea is between Iceland and Norway The norwegian sea
What sea is beneath Italy and Greece but to the north of Africa The mediterranean sea
What Ocean is to the left of ireland the atlantic ocean
what ocean is to the north of norway artic sea
What is the largest city in Western Europe London, England
What are the four major languages spoken in W. Europe Finno-Ogric, Romance, Germanic Slavis, and Celtic
How any countries speak english 32
What are the most popular climate regions Marine West Coast, Mediterranen, and Humid Continental
These are three hints of what country: The canals of Venice, the glory that was rome, and vatican city (home to the pope) Italy
The olympic games began in what country around 776 B.C. Athens, Greece
What is the center of the Roman Catholic Church and is also the worlds least populated nation with 1,000 people Vatican City (not capital)
What mountain range separates Asia and Europe The Urals
What is Eurasia The countries that are apart of both Asia and Europe
What is the largest and most inportant river in western europe Rhine River
Who is Sinn Fein the political arm of the IRA
What are the problems in Ireland English Protestants (part of the UK) and Irish Catholics (the Republic of Ireland)
Who are the bogsiders The Catholics in Northern Ireland, there were forced to live in the bogs and weren't given rights to get jobs, and make any money
What happened in 1960 The Catholic and IRA took to the streets demanding for civil rights
What is the river that goes through Dublin and carries all the way to the Atlantic Ocean The Shannon River
How many people live in the Republic of Ireland 3.6 million
How many people live in Northern Ireland 1.6 million
What happened in 1922 the UK came in to take over Northern Ireland
What is the Chunnel an underwater tunnel, goes from England to France, it is 31-miles long
what are moors broad, treeless rolling plants
what are bogs areas of wet, spongy ground
what is a glen a narrow valley
Scotland and England have been politically tied for how long almost 300 years
scotland occupies how much of the land in the UK nearly 1/3
What two physical features separate England and Scotland Cheviot Hills and the Tweed River
What are the three regions that divide Scotland the highlands, the central lowlands, and the southern Uplands
what are the highlands large, high plateau, and many lakes
what are the central lowlands 75% of population is located here, huge shipping center
what are the southern uplands closest to england boarder, sheep-raising region
What is Heather and what color is it it is eurasian shrub that grows purple flowers
What were the terms of the Act of Union of 1707, and How are the Scots and English different both retain their own cultures, and schtoland kept its own laws-economic rights and education
What separates the republic of ireland and whales St. George's Channel
What are the group of islands north of scotland orkney islands and the shetland islands
what islands are located in the english channel the channel islands
what is an estuary a flooded valley at the wide mouth of a river
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