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Church History Final

Church History Final-Mr. R's

What are the years of the middle ages 590-1517
What did the church replace the scripture with The church's own authority
Did the church become corrupted during and after the fall of Rome yes
What movement signaled the end of the domination of church errancy The Reformation
What is the year Papal infallibility became official doctrine 1870
What happened to those who questioned the church's or the pope's authority? They were damned and excommunicated
Augustinian theology was replaced by what? Pelagian theology
How did one become saved according to the Roman Catholic church submission to the church and doing the works they told you to
How does man gain heaven according to R.C. church By what he does
The idea of complete sanctification is based on what? the sinful nature getting better
What is the problem of the idea of complete sanctification? the sinful nature does not get better. We must crucify it every day. Only when we die will we be free of our sinful nature.
According to the R.C. church how did one gain sainthood? By going above and beyond the works you had to to gain heaven.
Why did people pray to the saints? In hopes they would: intercede with God on their behalf, cause a miracle to happen, or pass their merit onto them.
How were the clergy viewed? They were more holy than the laymen
How did the clergy act They were for the most part extremely immoral
Why was it good when the clergy had a mistress That meant he would leave the laymen's wives alone
What is penance Paying for sin's committed after baptism through self-inflicted pain or restrictions.
What is a biblical saint? Any saved person
What is purgatory The place Catholics believe people who have not done enough penance will go to get the sin beat out of them
What does Augustinian theology state? All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore the only person who can take us from our path's of destruction is Jesus. We can do nothing to help.
What does Pelagian theology state? That mankind only has evil tendencies. We can help ourselves get into heaven by our works.
What does xp stand for? Chi Rho, the first two letters in the title Christ in Greek which Constantine's soldiers put on their shields.
Who has the title Doctor Gratiae? Augistine, means doctor of grace
Who was claimed by both Protestants and Catholics as their forefather? Augistine
What does Pax Romana mean? Roman Peace
What was the date of the battle that Constantine won in which he put the Chi Rho on his soldier's shields? Where did it take place October 28, 312 Melvian Bridge
Who wrote the first account of Christian History Eusebius
What title did Eusebius give to Constantine Thirteenth Apostle
What did the edict of Milan do? Gave the right of religious freedom to Christians
Who was Felicitas A servant girl who was martyred with Perpetua
Who was Arius a heretic that said that there was a time when Christ wasn't
Who was Perpetua? A martyr who would not let her hair hang down as she was being martyred.
Who was Saint Antony The father of Monasticism
What was the White Martyrdom Monasticism
Who was Athanasius? What was his nickname? What is a phrase related to his frequent banishments? What does this phrase mean? A hero who taught that Jesus was the same essence as God. Black Dwarf. Athanasius contra Mundi. Athanasius against the world.
What does Homousiuos mean? Same essence
Dynamic Monarchianism emphasized unity of God, denied deity of Christ, Jesus was a man that was penetrated by the divine essence
Neoplatonism Metaphysical, Knowledge helps you to be absorbed into the divine essence.
Manicheanism man is mixture of light and dark, priests are better than laymen, light and dark are two opposing, eternal principles
Donatism those who denied Christ should not retain their positions as Bishops. Sacraments done by them don't mean anything.
Easter Controversy argument over the date of easter
Docetism Jesus was a spiritual being, a phantom, he only looked mortal
Modal Monarchiansim Holy spirit, Father, Son were just manifestations of God.
Montanism fanatical, reestablished use of tongues, leader saw himself as Paraclete
Ebionites jewish law still bound believers, Jesus as an ordinary man indwelt by Holy Spirit
Gnosticism A demiurge created the world, Matter is evil, Secret knowledge was the gateway to salvation
Marcionism Anti-Semitic. Hated OT, matter was evil, produced own canon
The years of early theological controversy were 313-451
the benefits of the ecumencial councils were clear doctrine or formulations for all
Arius's view of Christ was There was a time when he was not
Heteros means other
Homoi means Similar
Homoousious means of the same essence
Athanasius was concerned in the Arian debate because If Christ was not God he was not Savior
Athanasius's view of Christ was He had the same essence with the Father
Athanasius believed in Homoousios
Who was the theologian that communicated the difference of essence and person in the Godhead Gregory of Nyassa
To whom did Arianism spread The barbarian tribes
The negative result of the Nicene Council was The church was dominated by the emperor
The council of Constantinople in 381 condemned what The holy spirit on the level of angels
Filioque refers to The holy spirit proceeding also from the Son of God
After the problem of Arianism, what was the next doctrinal concern that arose in the church the human and divine natures of Christ
Apollinarius believed that Christ had a true human body and soul but his human spirit was replaced by the divine
Nestorius taught that in Christ The human and divine natures were combined mechanically
Theotokos means God Bearer
Eutyches teaching about Christ was The divine nature swallowed up the human one
This council expressed the two natures of Christ better than any mere human words before or since Chalcedon
In what two things is Christ complete in Christ is complete in Godhead and complete in manhood
The Monophysites were almost exactly like what other early heterodox teaching? Eutychianism
What is biblical regarding Christ's will two will exist harmoniously in him and the human will is subject to the divine
Over what was the Pelagian Controversy divine and human will in the process of salvattion
Augustine's conversion experience proved to him that He could not bring himself out of sin to Christ
Pelagius's view on inherited sin was We are free from the contamination of Adam's sin
Augustines view on inherited sin was we are all totally depraved at conception as a result of being the offspring of Adam
Pelagius's view on the sins of past influencing us now is we are weakened by the sins of the past, though we don't inherit original sin
Augustine believed Pelagius was denying God's grace
The four alphaprivitives of the Chalcedonian creed are without separation, without change, without division, without confusion
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