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PTC Ch 4

base of support the portion of the body in contact with a horizontal surface, such as the floor
body mechanics the principles of proper body alignment, movement, and balance
center of gravity the midpoint or center of the weight of a body or object; in the standing adult, the center of gavity is in the midpelvid cavity
debilitated feeble, weak, or otherwise disabled
decubitus ulcers lesions that develop over bony prominences when pressure is exerted for any length of time-bed sores
emesis the act of vomiting
kyphotic posterior curvature of the spine, characteristics of the thoracic spinal segment, results in protrusion of the upper back
line of gravity an imaginary line that extends from the center of gravity to the base of support
lordotic anterior curvature of the spine, characteristics of both the cervical and lumbar segments
orthostatic hypotension a transient state of cerebral anoxia and low blood pressure occuring when an individual assume a standing posture
sedation an induced state of quiet, calmness, or sleep as by means of sedative or hypnotic medication
spontaneous combustion the occurence of fire when a chemical reaction in or near a flammable material causes sufficient heat
most prevalent hospitals fires are traceable to spontaneous combustion, open flames, cigarette smokers, electricity
waht must be present for a fire to occur flammable substance, oxygen, heat
what federal agency has written policies and procedures to ensure patient safety Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
what are the most common injuries reported by health care workers musculoskeletal disorders
What are the three concepts essential to understanding the principles of body mechanics base of support, center of gravity, line of gravity
Good body mechanics uses what the combined strength of your legs, arms, and abdomen to protect the shorts more vulnerable back muscles
the correct response in the event of a fire is RACE-rescue, alarm, contain, extinguish/evacuate
the most likely cause of a fire in an imaging department is an electrical problem
which position is considered safe for a patient who is nauseated and may vomit Fowler's position recommended, but if patient cannot be elevated lateral recumbent
components of a spill kit nitrile gloves, a container of kitty litter, heavy plastic bags, broom, and dustpan
ergonomics th study of human body in relation to the working environment
steps for safe patient transfer check w/ nursing staff and obtain chart, check pt identification, plan and prepare work area, obtain equipment, enlist pts help and explain their role, obtain additional help when necissary
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