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English Exam S2

What is Paris trying to get Juliet to say? That she wants to marry him.
How does Juliet actually die? She stabs herself with a knife.
How many people die through Romeo and Juliet? 6.
How does Romeo? He sees Juliet and thinks she is dead so he drinks a poison to kill himself.
Why can't Romeo and Juliet publically express their love for each other? Their families do not get along at all and would not tollerate it.
Who finds Juliet "dead"? The nurse.
In Romeo and Juliet, who is the character that never stops talking? The nurse.
How does romeo find out that Juliet is "dead"? His servent tells him.
Why is Paris in the churchyard? To visit Juliet's grave.
How does Paris die? Romeo kills him.
What is Paris's last request? He wants to be put next to Juliet's grave.
What do Capulet and Montague do at the end of the play? They resolve their fight.
Why is Romeo and Juliet considered a tragedy? Two lovers die.
What premonition does Juliet have about Romeo? She thinks he's going to die.
Who is the peace loving friend of Romeo? Benvolio.
What is the penalty for disturbing the peace in Verona? The Prince will kill the person who disturbs the peace.
Why is Capulet reluctant to offer Paris Juliet's hand in marriage? He thinks she is too young.
What does Capulet decide tht Juliet must do on Thursday? Marry Paris.
What is an aside? A brief remark by a character revealing thoughts to the audience.
Monologue... not to audience, expressed to other characters.
Soliloquy... to audience, usually alone on stage.
Why does Romeo change his mind about fighting? He is upset and angry that Mercutio died.
What act and scene is the turning point in the play? Act 3, Scene 1.
Who is a close friend to Romeo and cousin to the Prince? Mercutio.
How old is Juliet when the play begins? 13.
What premonition does Romeo have in the beginning of the play? He think she will never fall in love and die young.
Who informs Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet? The nurse.
What happened to the nurse's daughter? She was killed.
In the beginning of the play when Juliet has not met Romeo yet, how does she feel about getting married? She doesn't want to get married yet.
How many years is Odysseus gone? 20 years.
Who is the main character in The Odyssey? Odysseus.
Who is Odysseus's wife? Penelope.
Who is the king of god? Zeus.
Who is the sea goddess? Calypso.
Who is the king of Phaeacians? Alicnous.
Who is Athena? The goddess of Wisdom, skills, and warfare.
Who is the son of Odysseus and Penelope? Telemachus.
Who is Emaeus? Friend of Odysseus, old swine herd.
Who are the suitors? 100 men Odysseus has a plot for revenge on.
Who is the god of war? Apollo.
Who is Antinous? The head of the suitors.
Who is Eurymachus? A suitor.
What does the "road" represent in The Road Not Taken? Decisions, paths, and options in life.
What is the similie about apples in The Road Not Taken? Apple picking is like life(apples=choices/decisions).
What does the cat, Macavity, look like in Macavity:The Mystery Cat? Tall and thin, brown lined with thought, sunken eyes, sneaky, domed head.
How many lines does a sonnet have? 14 lines.
Created by: RACHxo00
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