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Social Studies Ch 5.

federation a union of states, groups, provinces or nations
Francophone a person who speaks French as his or her first language
Quiet Revolution a peaceful change in the government of Quebec
Separatist a person who wants Quebec to become an independent country
Descent a person's ancestry
Immunity a natural resistance to disease
Totem Pole a tall, carved pole containing the symbols of a particular Native American group, clan, or family
Boomtown a settlement that springs up quickly to serve the needs of miners
Exile to force someone to leave his or her native land or home
Maritime having to do with navigation or shipping on the sea
Aquaculture The cultivation of fish or water plants
Aurora Borealis the colorful bands of light that can be seen in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere, northern lights
Inukitut The Native language of Inuit
Created by: Kayla1