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CCES Geo test

Random test of your geo knowledge

Paris is the capital of... France
Capital of New Zealand Wellington
True or False: Luxembourg is not the capital of Luxembourg False
What is the major Australian city in the west? Perth
What is the small island south of Australia? Tasmania
What is the smallest of the microstates? Vatican
Which microstate is an island? Malta
What country is the most visited in the world? France
What country has the northernmost capital in the world? Iceland
Which Scandinavian country has a language completely different from the others? Finland
In the Baltic countries, which country was influenced by which larger country, respectively? Alphabetically, answer with format: (One of the Baltic countries), (bigger country that influenced it); (One of the Baltic countries), etc. Estonia, Finland; Latvia, Sweden; Lithuania, Poland
Name the five Scandinavian countries in alphabetical order. (no commas) Denmark Finland Iceland Norway Sweden
Which is bigger: Yokohama, Japan or Osaka, Japan? Osaka
What are the families who control the South Korean market called? Chaebol
Name the two major islands of New Zealand in alphabetical order with no commas North Island South Island
How long is the Great Barrier Reef? (no commas, in miles) 12500 miles
What does UK stand for? (no 'the') United Kingdom
What year did Czechoslovakia break into two countries? 1993
Which of the Czechoslovakian countries is more agricultural? Slovakia
Which of the Czechoslovakian countries is more industrial? Czech Republic
Which island is south of Corsica and is controlled by Italy? Sardinia
Created by: andrebatchelder