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Music GCSE 2010

Key features of Baroque? * 1600-1750 *Music is generally polyphonic in texture*There is usually a harpsichord continuo part*Music is clearly defined in major and minor keys *Melodies are long and flowing imitation and sequences*Orchestras*Ornaments are used frequently
Most famous composers of Baroque? *Monteverdi 1567-1643*Purcell 1659-1695*Vivaldi 1678-1741*Bach 1685-1750*Handel 1685-1759
Key Features of Classical? *1750-1810*has simple, 'singable' melodies*usually comprises 4-8 bar phrases*clear, homophonic texture (usually)*dynamics (or volume) now uses crescendo and diminuendo (getting louder and quieter)*timpani are often the only percussion used
Most famous composers of Classical? *Mozart 1756-1791*Haydn 1732-1809
Key Features of Romantic? *There was more freedom of form and design, and an emphasis on intense expression of feeling *Romantic music is emotional, with dramatic contrasts of dynamics, registers, tone colours and tempos.*It has song-like melodies, often above homophonic textu
More Key Features of Romantic? *It has song-like melodies, often above homophonic texture.*Classical forms are expanded, leading to large scale compositions.*Much music was written for soloists (especially on the piano), designed to show off the player's brilliance of technique.
Most famous composers of Romantic *Beethoven (1770-1827*Brahms (1833-1897)*Wagner (1813-1883)*Chopin (1810-1849)*Debussy (1862-1918)
Key features of Serialism? *music that uses the Tone Row.*the 12 notes of the chromatic scale in any order of his or her choice*it may be used backwards (retrograde), upside down (inversion), or both backwards and upside down (retrograde inversion)*Each of these can be transp
Most famous composers of Serialism *Schöenberg's*Berg*Webern
Key features of minimalism? *This kind of music uses repeated ostinati.*Small changes in musical phrase are introduced one by one.*This may include phase shifting in which parts gradually move out of sync with each other.*The music has a hypnotic quality.*Music technology ma
Most famous composers of Minimalism? *Steve Reich*Phillip Glass
Key Features of Jazz? *fresh vitality in rhythm, relying on syncopation*syncopated melodies above a steady beat*blues notes - flattening certain notes of the scale such as the 3rd or 7th*muted brass effects*a keener interest in percussive sounds*improvisatory element
Most famous composers of Jazz *Ravel*Milhaud*Gershwin*Kurt Weill*Stravinsky*Walton *Copland
Key features of Jazz and Blues *Call-and-response songs*Marching band music*Spirituals*Ragtime*Polyphonic
Most famous composers of Jazz and Blues? *Scott Joplin *Jelly Roll Morton.*Buddy Bolden*Bessie Smith
Key Features of Pavane? * 4 beats in the bar*slow ant stately*Binary Form
Key Features Of Galliard? *3 beats in the bar*Quick!*Binary Form
Key features of Indian Bhangra *Dance rhythms were played on a dhol*It was introduced into British popular music in the 1970s, using western instruments such as electric guitars, bass and keyboards.In modern western bhangra the looping beat of the dhol has been replaced by a drum m
Key Features of Indian Classical *Indian classical music has three parts: raga, tala and drone.*RAGA - played by soloist = sitar*TALA - played by drummer = Tabla*DRONE - played by Tambura player
Musical Features of Gamelan *Gamelan orchestra are usually percussion based*Heterophony: a texture in which two or more voices simultaneously, often the result of improvisation*Kendang = double headed drum*Gamelan music often consists of tunes that are played over and over aga
Tonality of Gamelan *Slendro is a 5-note system of whole tone and minor third intervals.*The order of intervals is: 2 3 2 2 3 (2=whole tone, 3=minor 3rd).
Key features of Gamelan *Developed in Cuba*syncopated rhythm*Salsa music usually contains many drums and other percussion instruments*Polyrhythm*Call and response
Created by: Keeys517
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