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Religion Test #6

Sacraments of Healing (50 pts) on Tuesday, May 17th

Sacrament of Penance the sacrament in which sins committed after Baptism are forgiven; the sacrament of repentance or conversion
Contrition sorrow for sin; a hatred for sin & true grief of the soul for offended God
perfect contrition sorrow because you want to rebuild a relatioship with God
imperfect contrition sorrow because you want to go to Heaven
confession the telling of our sins to the priest for the purpose of obtaining forgiveness
absolution means "releasing"; releasing of sins by God through a priest
Act of Contrition a formal prayer of sorrow for sin & a commitment to living a Holy life
Examination of Conscience the calling to mind all of the sins you have committed since your last confession
Seal of Confession solemn obligation of the priest to keep secret what has been revealed in confession
sin a thought, word, action, or omission against God's law
mortal sin grave offense against God
venial sin a slight or lesser offense against God
assigned penance/satisfaction something that is accepted to make up for the sin(s)
presumption belief God will forgive sins w/o asking for forgiveness
despair belief that your sins are so grave that God will not forgive them
Form & Minister Bishop & Priest - Contrition; Confession
Scripture passage John 20:22-23
the words of absolution "I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father and of the Son & of the Holy Spirit"
1st Form of Celebration Individual confession and absolution (person sees priest at designated time)
2nd Form of Celebration Communal w/ individual confession and absolution (the indiv. person goes to service with Lit. of the Word --> confession)
3rd Form of Celebration Communal w/ general absolution (emergency only) (act of contrition as a general blessing)
3 Effects of the Sacrament forgives sin, reconciles one w/ God & community, and increases grace and virtue of charity
3 Conditions for a mortal sin Grave matter (act is bad & sufficiently important / serious act), Suffiecient reflection (know you are doing it; know it's wrong to do), and full consent of the will (act done freely, willfully, deliberately)
St. John Vianney French; dedicated life to helping people w/ sin
St. John Nepomucene (know as martyr of confession) the confessor of the Queen in Prague, Czech. and refused ot tell the King the Queen's confessions and was in jail for the cause--> refused twice --> drowned in river
4 ways of Examination of Conscience 1) Begin w/ prayer asking for God's help 2) Review life since last confession 3) Tell God that you're truly sorry for sins 4) Make firm resolution to avoid sin
Created by: villanova