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LSN Personal Image

Lee's Summit North's Personal Image Final Review

1 reason people buy clothing. It shows their ___________ Status
1 reason people buy clothing. It shows their individual __________ ____________ and _________ Personality interests values
1 reason people buy clothing. It provides ___________ to make their body (also called adornment) Decoration
1 reason people buy clothing. It __________ their body. Protects
1 reason people buy clothing. It provides _____________ by covering certain private parts of thier body Modesty
1 reason people buy clothing. It can provide people with a sense of _______________ Identification
How you see yourself Self image
Strong self image makes you better able to ____________ ____________ in yourself accept liabilities
Your self esteem effects many things, including your ________________ choices clothing
The first element of design. It is the most exciting element of design. Color
The second element of design. It comes in three types (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal) Line
The third element of design- it can easily add bulk Texture
The fourth element of design. Shape
These are the tools we use/ rules we follow to create the elements of design. Principles of design
The first principle of design. It involves the division of space and can be asymetrical or symeterical. Balance
Asymetrical design is also called __________. It divides the space unequally. Informal
Symmetrical balance in clothing give the outfit a sense of being ____________ because the space is divided equally. Formal
The second principle of design. It involves seeing how parts relate to a whole and to eachother. Proportion
The third principle of design. It involves the use of a focal point or concentration of interest. Emphasis
The fourth principle of design. It gives a feeling of movement or continuity. Rhythm
A color scheme that uses only tints and shades of one color Monochromatic
A color scheme using only colors that are opposite form eachother on the color wheel. Complementary
A color scheme using only colors that are neighbors on the color wheel. Analogous
A color scheme using 3 colors that are equal distance apart on the color wheel. Triad
A color scheme using a color and the 2 colors on either side of the original color's compliment. Split Complimentary
A color scheme that involves mostly neutral colors with one other color. Accented Neutral
Black, white, tan, and gray are considered ___________ colors Neutral
You can not make these by mixing any other colors. These colors are red, blue, and yellow. Primary colors
An equal mix of 2 primary colors creates these colors. They include green, purple, and orange Secondary Colors
These are created by combining a primary and a secondary color (such as yellow-green).These colors are also called intermediate colors. Tertiary
Lines moving the eye in this direction create a feeling of dignity and add height to the wearer. Vertical
Visual ________________ is created by being printed on. This creates a visual illusion. Texture
In choosing design elements to wear you are trying to ________________ you figure's assets. Emphasize
In choosing design elements to wear, you are trying to ___________________ attention from your figure liabilities Detract
V-shaped lines, vertical strips/lines, an outfit of 1 color, a narrow center panel, and dark dull colors all make you appear ____ taller
Bright colors, large bold prints, plaids, shiny textures, fluffy textures, and tight fitting clothing make you appear ___________ larger
Horizontal lines, vertical lines spaced far apart, a yoke, or contrasting colored outfits make you look _________ shorter
Smooth, flat textures make you appear smaller
The ideal face shape is this shape Oval
Stress can make you _________ sick
Stress can exhaust your body into __________ fatigue
Stress can cause _____________ depression
Positive stress is called _________ eustress
Eustress can encourage you to do your ____ best
Eustress can make you stop ____________ which means you will get more things done. Procrastinating
The lightness or darkness of a color is called its _________________ Value
The brightness or dullness of a color is called its ______________ intensity
A well planned wardrobe can save you _______ money
A well planned wardrobe can cut down on the ___________ you spend shopping. time
A well planned wardrobe can improve your ________ image
A well planned image can make more room in your _____________- closet
A ______________ ______________includes a list of garments owned, a description of garments owned, and action to take (what garments are needed) Wardrobe inventory
Daydreaming, laughing, leaning on a support system, exercising, or doing a relaxing activity are all ways to relieve _______ Stress
These are the three biggest factors in your stress level that you can change. diet exercise sleep
The ability to manage your schedule of activities effectivly is defined as ________ __________ Time management
If your waistline is too long or too short _____________ will be drawn to that part of your body because it is out of proportion attention
_____________ therapy works by affecting the chemicals of the brain and skin. Aroma
A broad statement of what you believe. Mission statement
A specific thing that you want to achieve. Goal
A good goal should be SMART- what does the S stand for? Specific
A good goal should be SMART- what does the M stand for? Measurable
A good goal should be SMART- what does the A stand for? Attainable
A good goal should be SMART- what does the R stand for? Realistic
A good goal should be SMART- what does the T stand for? Timely
The first step in skincare Cleanse
The second step in skin care Tone
The third step in skin care Moisturize
This causes the fight or flight stress response. It is an energizing hormone. Adrenaline
Adrenaline causes your heart to beat faster and your ____________ to become uneven Breathing
____________ is the confidence and self-worth you feel about yourself. Self-esteem
The first step in setting a goal is to ___________ your ___________- Define desire
The second step in setting a goal is to be _________ realistic
The third step in setting a goal is to set a ________ __________- Time limit
Spring and Autumn are the __________ seasons Warm
People that are Springs or Autumns have a ___________ undertone to their skin Yellow
Winter and summer are _________ seasons cool
People that are winters or summers have a ____________ undertone to their skin. Blue
If the shirt you are wearing is a good color on you, people will notice your ______ or________ before they notice the shirt. Eyes skin
Of all the stresses teens face- this is often considered to be the most stressful Divorce or parents
The line formed by the outer shape of a garment Silouette
An important characteristic in personal wellness- this means that you are able to stand up for yourself. Assertive
Not to be confused with assertiveness, ____________ is when someone is overly forceful, pushy, or hostile. Aggressive
This body silhouette of someone with these proportions:362436 Hourglass
This body sillhouette of someone with these proportions:343535 Rectangle
This body sillhouette of someone with these proportions:363245 Triangle
This body sillhouette of someone with these proportions:453836 Inverted Triangle
Created by: Mrs. Brown LSN
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