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Vocab Units 13 14 15

abstruse extremely difficult to understand
affront an open or intentional insult
canard a false rumor, fabricated story
captious excessively ready to find fault
cognizant aware, knowledgeable, informed
contrite regretful for some misdeed or sin
cynosure the center of attraction, attention, or interest
decorous well behaved, dignified, socially proper
deign to think it appropriate or suitable to one's dignity to do something
desiccated throughly dried out
efficacy the power to produce a desired result
engender to bring into existence, give rise to, produce
ethereal light, airy, delicate
facade the front or face of a building; a surface appearance
ghoulish revolting in an unnatural or morbid way
incongruous not in keeping, unsuitable, incompatible
machination a crafty, scheming, or underhanded action designed to accomplish some (usually evil) end
mesmerize to hypnotize, entrance
opprobrium disgrace arising from shameful conduct
putative generally regarded as such; reputed; hypothesized, inferred
beatific blissful; rendering or making blessed
behemoth a creature of enormous size, power, or appearance
blandishment anything designed to flatter or coax
cacophonous harsh-sounding, raucous, discordant, dissonant
chicanery trickery, deceptive practices or tactics, double-dealing
consign to give over to another's care, charge, or control
coup a highly successful stroke, masterstroke, tour de force act, plan, or stratagem
euphemism a mild or inoffensive expression used in place of a harsh or unpleasant one; a substitute
febrile feverish; pertaining to or marked by fever
gainsay to deny, contradict, controvert
imminent about to happen, threatening
innate natural, inborn, inherent; built-in
loath unwilling, reluctant, disinclined
manifest clear evident to the eyes or mind
minutiae small or trivial details, trifling matters
moratorium a suspension of activity
nostrum an alleged cure-all; a remedy or scheme of questionable effectiveness
pariah one who is rejected by a social group or organization
visionary not practical, lacking in realism; having the nature of a fantasy or dream
wizened dry, shrunken, and wrinkled (often as the result of aging)
amenity that which is pleasant or agreeable
aperture an opening, gap, hole
dissidence a different of opinion
epicurean (adj.) -Devoted to the pursuit of pleasure -Fond of good food, comfort, and ease -With discriminating tastes (n.) a person with discriminating tastes
improvident not thrifty; failing to plan ahead
iniquity wickedness, sin
inviolable sacred
mutable open to or capable of change, fickle
nascent just beginning to exist or develop
obeisance a deep bow or other body movement indicating respect or submission
panegyric formal or elaborate praise
pillory a device for publicly punishing offenders
pittance a woefully meager allowance, wage, or portion
presage to foreshadow or point to a future event
progeny descendants, offspring, children, followers, disciples
promulgate to proclaim or issue officially
recitude uprightness, righteousness
restive restless, hard to manage, balky
seraphic angelic, heavenly, celestial
subsist to have existence
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