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vocab workshop final

ironic sarcastic
musty stale
ominous not favorable
pinnacle a high peak
premeditated considered before
rampant running wild
solace comfort/ relief
stately dignified/ majestic
supple bending easily
accede to yeild to
brandish to wave
deft skillful
destitute deprived of
explicit definite/clearly
inopportune not appropriate
venal open to or marked by bribery
abhor to hate deeply
amend to change in a formal way
buffet to slap or cuff; to strike
chaos disorder
commodious roomy
corrosive eating away gradualy
discern to see clearly
extant still existing
implicate to involve
inter to bury
martinet a strict disciplinarian
obviate to anticipate and prevent
renegade on who leaves a group
reprehensible deserving blame
squalid filthy wretched
vociferous loud/noisy
voluminous of great size
animosity strong dislike
apathy a lack of feelings
commend to praise
compatible able to get along
condolence sympathy
consecrate to make scred
decrepit old and feeble
deride to ridicule
ingenuous innocent
multifarious having great variety
obsolete out of date
omnivorous eating every kind of food
parsimonious stingy/poor/small
quandary state of perplexity/doubt
revel to take pleasure in
suave smoothly agreeable/polite
altruistic unselfish
benefactor one who does good for others
chivalrous courtesy/knightly
dearth a lack of
discrepancy a difference
embark to go aboard
indomitable unconquerable
plod to walk heavily
pungent stinging smell
remiss neglectful in performance/careless
repose to rest
temerity boldness
truculent fierce and cruel
unfeigned sincere real
virulent extremely poisonous
Created by: duke1dixie