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N and W Africa Kob

Mauritania Refugees from the desert have increased the population fron 10,000 to 700,000 in less than 40 years; 80% of the country is covered by the Sahara; the Senegal River seperates it from Senegal.
Algeria This country is Africa’s second largest nation; most nomads are of the Tuareg society; 130 years of colonial rule by France.
Mali A famous city in this country was the center of Islamic learning in ancient times; its king made a flamboyant hajj to Mecca and gave out large portions of gold.
Morocco Leading exporter of phosphates; colonized by Spain and France. Atlas Mountains cover much of this country. Also called the “Crossroads of Western and Islamic Culture.”
Chad This landlocked country is virtually two separate countries; nomadic Muslim minority in the north and black African farmers in the south. Fresh water Lake .
Western Sahara Morocco claims this as Greater Morocco
Sudan Largest nation in Africa. Sudd swamp in the south.
Niger This landlocked country is named after a mighty river that flows only through the western edge of this drought- stricken nation. Capital is Niamey.
Libya When oil was discovered in the Sahara, this country became the richest country in Africa; in 1804 Marines were sent here to destroy a pirate base.
Egypt This country is considered, After South Africa, to be the most industrialized nations in Africa. Aswan Dam controls major river.
Tunisia Site of Carthage, an ancient rival of Rome. Gained independence from France. The Most “European of the colonies.”
Nigeria The most populous nation in Africa. Oil and gas produce 90% of its revenues. Country is divided along ethnic lines. 250 different groups. Nearly half of the country is Muslim.
Senegal Capital city is known as the Gateway to Africa. Was a Favorite of French colonies until independence in 1960.
Gambia This is the smallest nation on continental Africa. Capital is Banjul
Benin This country is the birthplace of voodoo; has had more coups than any of the other newly independent African nations.
Burkina Faso Formerly known as Upper Volta, this country is extremely poor. Landlocked with few natural resources; vulnerable to droughts. Capital is Ouagadougou.
Sierra Leone Founded in 1787 as the first colony for freed slaves by a British antislavery group. Remained a British colony for 150 years.
Guinea This nation was the first French Colony to become independent; World’s #2 producer of bauxite. Capital is Conakry.
Ghana Named after a medieval African kingdom, it was formerly known as the Gold Coast. Lake Volta, behind a dam on the Volta River is one of the world’s largest artificial lakes.
Cape Verde These islands were uninhabited when the Portuguese arrived in the 15th century.
Togo Mountain range separated northern Muslims from Southern Togolese.
Guinea-Bissau Became Portugal’s first African colony to achieve independence. Had the distinction of living under the colonial rule longer than any other country – 500 years. Has an unusual archipelago off its coast.
Liberia Became Africa’s first independent black nation in 1847 as a homeland for freed slaves mostly from America.
Cote D’Ivoire Formerly the Ivory Coast. Top producer of cocoa in Africa. Felix Houphouet Boigny- only president of Ivory Coast who pursued a liberal economy. Contains the world’s largest Christian Church.
Sao Tome and Principe Two mountainous islands. Cocoa principal export. Uninhabited when Portuguese arrived in 1470. Penal Colony
Lesotho One of Africa’s three remaining kingdoms; wealth is measured in livestock. Paychecks sent home by half the male population working in Africa.
Malawi Lake Malawai fills southernmost trench of Great Rift Valley. Dr. Banda made himself president for life; conservative rule of dress.
Eq. Guinea Two parts: mainland Rio Muni and island Bioko. Under Spanish rule, produced world’s finest cocoa.
Madagascar 4th largest island in the world, 22 species of lemurs.
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