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Kob Asia

India This country has over 800 dialects and languages; it exports tea, cotton, and rubber. This country is about 1/3 the size of the U.S.
Afghanistan The only fertile land in the country is found north of the Hindu Kush mountains;Taliban
Pakistan This country was created as a homeland for Muslims living in India; Urdu is the official language
Sri Lanka This country used to be known as Ceylon; it is the world’s second largest producer of tea. The Hindu Tamil Tigers waged a guerrilla war against the Buddhist majority in this country.
Bangladesh The country gained independence in 1971 as a haven for Bengali speaking Muslims in the region.
Nepal The Himalayas occupy about 90% of this country; 8 of the world’s 10 tallest peaks are here.
Bhutan The language spoken in this country is Dzongkha and the majority of people practice Buddhism
North Korea This country invaded South Korea in 1950 to start the Korean War
Laos The Mekong River is the main highway. This country is very poor and is wedged between Thailand and Vietnam
Thailand The name of this country means free country and they have enjoyed 700 years of independence through skillful diplomacy.
Japan Shinto and Buddhism are the main religions in this country. It is the 2nd largest industrial economy in the world.
Indonesia This country has the world’s fourth largest population, largest Islamic population.
Vietnam Communists under HO chi Minh led the resistance against the Japanese occupation during WWII. Ho Chi Minh City was formerly called Saigon.
Myanmar Formerly called Burma, this country is now controlled by a military dictatorship. The Irrawaddy River is the main highway.
China Mao Zedong was the leader of the communist revolution in 1949. Shanghai is one of the world’s busiest sea ports.
Cambodia In 1975 Communists called the Khmer Rouge killed over a million people in this country. In 1979 Vietnam drove the Khmer Rouge out of power and after Vietnam’s withdrawal in 1989, the country moved toward democracy.
Taiwan Chiang Kaishek and his followers fled here when the Communists took over China in 1949.
Philippines This Archipelago of 7000 mountains, EQ prone, volcanically active islands. Acquired by the U.S. In 1898.
Mongolia World’s largest landlocked nation. The Gobi desert covers the southern third of this country.
South Korea This country has the largest Christian minority of any country on the Asian mainland. In two decades, this country went from a poor agricultural country to one of the most prosperous Little Dragons.
Malaysia This country is a federation of independent sultanates; top producer of rubber, tin and palm oil.
Brunei Residents of this country are mostly Muslims. This country is split in two by a strip of land owned by another country.
Singapore The richest “Little Dragon” and has very strict conduct laws.
Created by: kobc