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Community Sentances

Vocabulary from Ch. 14 of Criminal Justice

Alternative (Intermediate) Sanctions Community based punishments ranging from probation and prison time
Judicial Reprieve In medieval England a judge could suspend a sentance to allow the defendant to gather evidence, reform behavior, or seek a pardon
Recognizance Medieval practice letting offenders go free if the enter a debt relation with the state
Sureties In the middle ages, the people made responsible for offenders given release or reprieve
Probation The conditional release of a convicted offender under supervision of the court and subject to conditions for a set time
John Augustus pioneered the concept of probation
Revocation Termination of probation leading to imprisionment because of a violation of conditions
Suspended Sentance Delayed prison time for community treatment (if effective, prison time is dropped)
Presentance Investigation Performed by probation officer after conviction, contains all information about the offenders history and life
Intake Process in which probation officer settles case before the onset of formal proceedings
Diagnosis Analysis of the offender's personality that may be helpful in treating the offender
Risk Classification Classification and assigning cases a level and type of supervision on a per client basis
Treatment Supervision Treatment program that will allow the probationer to fulfill the probation contract and adjust to the community
Avertable Recidivists Offenders whose crimes would have been avoided if they had been sent to prison first
Day Fees Fees for probationers to cover the costs of their sanction
HotSpot Probation Program in which intense community supervision is used to keep track of a probationer
Day Fine Fine based upon the average daily income of the offender to bring equity to the sentancing process
Forfeirure Seizure of personal property as a civil or criminal penality
Zero Tolerance Defendants lose personal property for the slightest law violation
Restitution Sanction that the offender must repat the society or victim for the crime
Monetary Restitution Direct payment to the victim as compensation
Community Service Restitution Used in victimless crimes for compensation to the community
Split Sentancing Sentance including jail time as a condition of probation
Shock Probation A short prison term before probation begins
Shock Incarceration Short prison sentance served in boot-camp facilities
Intensive Probation Supervision Small probation loads involving strict daily or weekly monitoring
House Arrest Offenders must spend extended periods of time in thier own homes
Electronic Monitoring Devices that manage offender obedience to home confinement orders
Residential Community Corrections Nonsecure facility that houses offenders and allows them to work, attend school and participate in treatment proggrams
Day Reporting Centers Community based treatment programs
Restorative Justice Perspective that replaces punishment with healing, accountability, and restoring social damages caused by criminal acts
Reintegrative Shaming Restotative justice practice that involves disapproval of deeds and shaming to control wrongdoing in the community
Sentancing Circle In native americna communities where a group of tribal members meet to informally deal with conflicts between group members
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