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CI 152


Leadership Style Lewin
Effective managers Kounin
Consequences techniques Glasser
A humanist's approach Gordon
Operant Consitioning Skinner
Productivity is high when the teacher is present. Morale is average: Authoritarian teachers
Productivity & morale are high: Democratic teachers
Productivity and morale are both low: Laissez-faire teachers
These remain attentive to what is occurring everywhere in the class,learn to overlap discipline with teaching,recognize the ripple effect that discipline has on other students: effective managers (Kounin)
Glasser Reality Therapy: any judgment... must be the student's
Glasser Reality Therapy: do not ask the student to... justify his behavior
Glasser Reality Therapy: manage questions so that the student develops a strategy to avoid an undesirable consequence... before the consequence is fixed
Gordon Teacher Effectiveness Training: Behavior problems are primarily communication problems which can be solved... with a reasoned discussion among equals
Gordon Teacher Effectiveness Training: determine to whom... the problem belongs
Gordon Teacher Effectiveness Training: elicit the assistance of those involved... in solving the problem
Skinner Operant Conditioning: reinforce behaviors one wishes to... encourage
Behavior modification = operant conditioning
Skinner Operant Conditioning: deny reinforcement to behaviors one wishes to... extinguish
Dealt with studying classrooms where student achievement is consistently high: Southwest Labs Study
In classrooms where student achievement is consistently high, students... know what they're expected to do and feel successful
Consistently high achieving classrooms have... academic, but relaxed atmosphere and time on task is maximized
If students know what is expected... instructions are clear and the instructor has engaged in careful planning
When the instructor uses positive reinforcement effectively and makes extensive use of cues & feedback... students feel successful
If the academic is academic, but relaxed one can expect that... the teacher is probably not generally an authoritarian, there is some humor, serious academic purpose but learning can be fun
When time on task is maximized... teacher plans carefully, teacher ready to begin at the bell, teacher eases students into likely problematic tasks
Created by: Neukay
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