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cap. 7 vocabbb


bohio shack;hut
salto waterfall
sequia drought
calido warm;hot
espeso dense;thick
surgir to arise
deuda debt
empresa business
amurallado walled
imperante commanding;imperial
inolvidable unforgettable
asemejarse a to be similar to
enriquecerse to get rich
oprimir to seal or to stamp
alumbrado/iluminacion lighting
decoracion/decordo/escenario scenery or set
descanso/intermedio intermission
elenco cast(of a play)
entrada entrance
localidad seat in a theater
palco de platea orchestra pit
telon curtain
vestuario costumes
agotado sold out
afiche poster
tarro de aqua water bottle
termo thermist
detenidamente carefully or thoroughly
agradecer to appreciate; to thank
lograr to achieve; to attain
Created by: olivia meier