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Family Life unit 1&2

generation a group of related people born around the same time. (who also take adult rules at the same time)
biological parents parents who gave you the gift of life, birth parents
blended families when adults with children from an earlier marriage evter a new marriage, blending into a new family
birth order having a particular position, according to when you were born (affects what parents expect from their children and how their children respond to those expectations)
What can people lean from families? the family is a community. people can learn to practice understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and love in their families.
What do people want when they mature? independence, but were not fully ready for it yet.
communication it means sharing hopes and fears. It means your willingness to share opinions and feelings, both positive and negative. Remember that the tone and the volume of you communication can tell alot too.
Know 2 Do's and 2 Dont's (Do's: 1. say exactly how you feel. 2. keep eye contact)(Dont's : 1. yell or use the silent treatment. 2. Insist on getting your way.)
conflict a dissagreement between people that can be expresed in words or actions that can physically or emotionaly harm a person
listening people with good communication skills are almost always good listeners. Listen is at least half of any conversation
Compassion the habit of showing other people that you care about what is happening to them. When you are compassionate, you also see God present in the person who needs your care.
The Family of Nazareth Jesus Mary and Joesph. prayed 3 times daily and went to the synagogue and made pligrimages to the Temple in Jerusalem on special feast days.
values to be worth something (*personal values are the actions and attitudes you hold most dear.
Saint Thomas Moore Chancellor of England when King Henry VIII. (*know the details of why he got beheaded
Saying No to take a stand, you have to say no as if you really mean it. If pressure continues, the act of saying no is waliking away.
peer presure the influence that people your own age have on what you think, say, feel, and do. Peer presure can challenge the values, attitudes, and actions, you learned at home or at church.
adolescents (teenagers) tendto be more effected by peer presure than any other age group.
good presure sometimes presure fromyour friends can be good presure. You can be presured to be less shy,try new things, or meet new people. That is why its important to have friends who have values that are similar to yours, Then you can support one another.
helpful fact about peer presure the media can presure you into focusing only on yourself and what you want.
virtue a firm attitude of acting according to the goodness that is in you.
Created by: cdemman
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