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henery ford test

aveerage to alarge person 1 to 1 1/2 inch
Small Adult to large child 1 inch
newborn to small child 5/8 inch
Multi-dose agents without preservatives must be discarded after 24 hours after opening
Multi-dose agents containing preservatives must be discarded within 28 days
Intradermal angle of insertion 5 to 15 degrees
Only small amounts of liquid are to be given intradermal
What are the prefered locations for an intradermal injection inner forearm and upper back
Sub Q injections deposit medication into loose connective tissue under dermis
Medication is not absorbed quickly in what injection site Sub q
What site is used for nonirritating water souluable drugs sub q
What size needle should you use for a sub q injection 3/8 to 5/8 inch and 25 or 27 gauge
The angle for insertion on a sub q injection is? 45 to 90
Sub q in normal adult 45 degree angle
Sub q in obese patient 90 degree angle
Sub q for thin patient 45 degree.. upper abdomen
what doese should b given sub q 0.5 - 1 ml
Intramusculare injections have what kind of absorption fast
IM injections can be used for waht kind of drugs more irritatiing
what site should you use for a sub q injection outer aspect of upper arms, abdomin, anterior aspects of thigs, scapula areas of upper back and upper hips, shouldhave adequate fat pad
What site should you used for a im injection ventrogluteal,deltoid and vastus lateralis muscle groups
How is am im site chosen adequate muscle size and minimal major nerves and blood vessels in area
What size need is used for a im injection 21-23 gauge, 1 to 1 1/2 inch , use shorter needle for children
what angle should you use for an im injection 90 degree, 45 for vastus lateralis in children
what is the purpose for using a z track technique prevent medication that causes visable and permanent skin discoloration from leaking back into sub q
what site should u use for z track large deep muscle such as ventrogluteal
How can topical medication be applied glove, tongue blade, cotton tipped applicator
How do you apply nose drops and sprays have client blow nose, tilt head back for 5 mins after instilling,
What position should aperson be in using an aerosols or inhalatiors high fowlers or semi
suppositories can be given for what kind of absorption local and systematic
If an antipyretics is given the patient must be reminded to retain medication not expel it
after a suppository is given how long should the client lay on there side 20 mins
after instillig eye drops you should press on the lacrimal duct with sterile cotton ball for 1 to 2 mins
how long shuld they keep there eyes closed after instilling eye drops 1 to 2 mins
When instilling eye ointment how far away shold it be held 1/4 of an inch
How lonf should they keep there eyes closed after instilling eye ointment 2-3 mins
when instilling ear drops in a child pull ear down on auricle
How long should the patient manintain that position after instilling ear drops 2-3 mins
Medication doses for children are calculated by using body weight or body surface area
A drug that has a similar lethal and effective dose is digoxin
For children you need to claculate medication into mg/kg
Crush tablet for children under the age of 5
im injection for a child is 45 degree 22 to 25 gauge 5/8 to 1 inch
depo provera is administered im , inject ventrogluteal , vastus lateralis or deltoid , asperate b4 injection,
For allergy injections pt must remain in waiting are for 30 mins
a pressurized dosage form in which solid or liquid drug particals are suspended in a gas to be dispenced in a cloud or mist ex proventil inhalation aerosol
a drug that is dissolved in a soulution of alchol and water elixir
a mixture of fats or oils in water emulsion
an aqueous preparation that contains suspended ingrediants , the sooth protect and moisten skin lotion
a fine strean of medication vapor usually used to treat nose and throat condidtions spray
a drug containing solid insoluable durg particals in a liquid the preperations must be shaken first suspension
a drug dissolved in a soulution of sugar water and a flavoring that may be added to disguise and unpleasant taste syrup
a drug contained ina gelatin capsule that functions to prevent the patient from tasting the drug capsule
powdered drugs that have been pressed into discs tablet
abbreviation that shouldnt be used cc, qd,qod,sc, sq, trailing zero, u, ug, &, iu, no abbrevistied drug names, ms, mgso4
parenternal medication are used to instill medications into body tissues
one oz = 30 ml or 2 tablespoons
1/2 oz = 15 ml or 1 table spoon
5ml = 1 table spoon
lbs to kg divide by 2.2
kg to lbs multiply by 2.2
changing from a larger unit to a smaller unit mutuply by 1000
changing fron a smaller to a larger divide by 1000
neomates/infants 0 to 12 months
pediatrics 1 to 12 yrs
adolecents 13 to 17 yrs
adult 18 to 64 yrs
older adult 65 + yrs
young adult 18 to 39 yrs
middle adult 40 to 64yrs, address by last name
older adult 65 to 79 yrs , address by last name , involve pt in decision making , encourage self care,
Created by: am/ao
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