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#Hawk Squad Final Training

1. Where do I go for help with my financial aid? Who will assist me? Hyer Hall room 130, Financial Aid Counselor – every student has one.
2. What is the priority date for applying for financial aid? What does this mean? March 15 – priority gives you a better opportunity for Financial Aid – later application means less opportunities
3. Can the Financial Aid Office help me find more scholarships? Why/why not? No – Scholarships are give out through the Admissions Office
4. Why is the “Cost of Attendance” listed on the Financial Aid award letter higher than the cost of tuition and room and board? Cost of attendance is an estimate of what it costs to attend for the entire year to include miscellaneous expenses like laundry, gas, etc.
5. What is the name of the form that students have to complete to be considered for financial aid? FAFSA
6. What is the difference between a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan? Subsidized = no interest accruing, unsubsidized = interest accruing
7. Where does your net ID come from? Last name, first initial of 1st name, middle initial & birth day
8. What is the net ID used for? Logging into WINS, checking e-mail
9. Name a time when ICIT might ask for your password through e-mail. Never.
10. WINS – What do you use it for? Registering for classes, access your bill, checking grades
11. What’s the fall back on-line location to find information for new students regarding ICIT? Bit-ly/uwwstudents
12. When do residence halls open to the freshmen? Monday, August 30, 9 a.m.
13. According to residence life, what constitutes “commuting”? Commuting from a parent/guardian’s home within a 40 mile radius as the crow flies
14. What’s the difference between “lofting” a bed in the residence hall vs. “bunking? ” Bunked is already an option in place, lofting requires renting a loft
15. How do I go about renting a loft? – access from Residence Life web site
16. I’m a transfer sophomore; do I have to live on campus? Yes – unless you receive an exemption from residence life
17. Can students see their room while they are here at Plan-It Purple? No – summer camps are taking place in the halls in the summer. Model room is open until 10:00 p.m. on PIP days
18. What is the maximum size for a refrigerator in the residence halls? 4.7 cubic feet
19. What’s the maximum wattage for a microwave in the residence halls? 900 watts
20. Do I need to bring anything with me when I go to get my books at Textbook Rental? Student ID and class schedule
21. When are textbooks due back to the bookstore? What if I forget to return a book? Due back by the end of the semester. Late feels apply for 30 days after end of the semester at which point unreturned books are billed to the students account and cannot be returned.
22. How much do students have to pay when they pick up their textbooks? Included in tuitition
23. Can students join an LC at PIP? Yes, if there is room – housing will not be a part of this experience
24. Do students have to take all of the classes in their LC? Yes – If issue see LC Coordinator DRA
25. Can a student drop out of the LC at PIP? Yes, can’t change housing though
26. Who does the Advising Center advise? All freshmen except art, music & theatre, undeclared with less than 24 credits & Multimedia Digital Arts
27. How many credits are recommended for first year freshmen? 14 – 16
28. What are the 3 things that the Registrars Office does not want us to tell freshmen? Don’t recommend professors, websites recommending professors or discuss students with other students.
29. Which students MUST register for more than 12 credits? Athletes, vets, students receiving financial aid
30. In order to be considered a Wisconsin resident you must live in the state for how long? 12 months
31. All student accounts need to be paid in full by what date this fall? September 10, 2010
32. How are students notified about their bill and any account information? UW-W e-mail account
33. Where can students find up to the minute information about their accounts? WINS
34. To take advantage of UW-W’s payment plan, students must complete what form? Installment Credit Agreement
35. When are the 1st and 2nd installments due? October 8 and November 5
36. What expenses are covered under the installment plan? Housing, meals, tuition (miscellaneous expenses like course fees, purple points, etc. are not covered)
37. What methods can a student use to pay their bill? Cash, check, money order, web check, credit card
38. Which credit card is not accepted for payment of the student bill? Visa (It’s not everywhere you want to be!)
39. Do students have to have a meal plan? All students who are required to live in a residence hall are also require to have a meal plan. Students are not required to have a meal plan if they are approved to commute or live off campus.
40. What should as student do if he/she loses his/her Hawkcard? Report it immediately by calling the HawkCard Office or going to any Point of Sale location where the card is accepted. A replacement card can be obtained at the HawkCard Office, UC 250
41. What’s the difference between Dining Dollars and Purple Points? THIS ANSWER IS TOO LONG TO FIT ON THIS CARD. REFER TO EMAIL KIM SENT.
42. Will students receive their HawkCard at the end of the day on PIP? No – they’ll receive them in the fall. Commuters may pick them up at the HawkCard Office; On-campus students pick them up in their res. halls.
43. Important things to keep in mind when working with students with a disability: THIS ANSWER IS TOO LONG TO FIT ON THIS CARD. REFER TO EMAIL KIM SENT.
44. What’s the largest minor on campus? Spanish
45. Upham Hall is home to what? Over 1 million dollars of science/lab equipment
46. How many students are in the College of Business and Economics at UW-W? Why is this advantageous? Approximately 4,100 of the total enrollment. Because enrollment is so large, COBE can be more specialized and offer more options to students.
47. COBE has how many active student organizations? 27 – UW-W has more active business student orgs. that have won national awards than anywhere in the U.S.
48. COBE is accredited by whom? AACSB – only 30% of business schools in the nation and 5% internationally are accredited at this high level.
49. Name three things that education majors must complete/have before being admitted to the College of Education. PPST (Pre-Professional Skills test,) 350 volunteer house in an educational setting and a 2.75 GPA
50. Can a student declare a music major at PIP and schedule classes in that major? Students may only be a music major if they’ve passed an audition. If they haven’t auditioned, they can still schedule classes pending a fall audition.
51. What’s the newest major in the College of Arts and Communication? Media Arts and Game Development
52. What’s the best way to get into art courses if art is not your major? Pick it up as a minor
53. In order to become a Peer Mentor a student has to successfully complete what? Peer Mentor Training Institute
54. FYE4U video podcasts are sent to freshmen/parent subscribers every Monday during which month? August
55. The off-campus overnight orientation experience to launch in September of 2010 is? Camp Warhawk
56. Freshmen will have the chance to participate in a first year service project to benefit the memorials of students who have passed away. This project, launched in 2008, is called what? Under Our Wing
57. The Parent Card given out at Plan-It Purple during check-out features what two things? A picture of the student & phone numbers for offices on campus
58. What is the mission/vision for the First Year Experience? Connect. Achieve. Succeed.
59. Club U-Dub-Dub features what? Tradition-building event - “R U Purple?!”, Clubhouse meetings with Peer Mentors, HawkFest with university offices and local businesses, national award-winning speakers, Academic Prep sessions, Convocation
60. The student team that assists with the set-up and delivery of Club U-Dub-Dub events is called: Purple Pit Crew
61. The one-credit course offered through the FYE office that helps new freshmen adjust to university life and increases one first to second year retention rate is? The New Student Seminar
62. How many freshmen were enrolled in the NSS last year? 81% of the freshman class
Created by: patterson22
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