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staples cult know

French for "blank card", to be given is to be given power and authority to do as one wishes Carte Blanche
handbook for running meetings efficiently, based on procedure of British parliament. sets guidelines for recognizing speakers, leading debates, proposing, seconding, and voting Robert's Rule of Order
way of life opposed to the ideals of respectable bourgeoisie, value art and self expression over career interests, begins as early as French Revolution Bohemianism
artistic style that departs from realism and seems to convey inner experience by distorting rather than directly representing natural images (Munch, Van Gogh, Klimt) Expressionism
powerful southern democratic leader of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, lost presidential race 3x, assisted the prosecution in the scopes trial, in what he argued against the teaching of evolution William Jennings Bryan
descriptive term for the time of Victoria's reign, time of industrial progress, colonial expansion, and public fastidiousness in morals, many of the same characteristics in American society during same period Victorian
deity of hinduism, considered a deliverer from sin, force, idea or system of belief that overcomes opposition - especially if it does so ruthlessly Juggernaut
covet case involving Julios and Ethel Rosenberg, an american couple executed in 1953 as spies for soviets, some argued they were victims of McCarthyite Hysteria, later evidence established guilt Rosenberg Case
published by Alfred Kinsey in 1947-48, shattered conceptions of the nature and extent of American sexual practices, 1st scientific investigator of sexual behavior to have a wide popular impact Kinsey Report
infinitive is the "to" form of a verb, as in "to skip", a split infinitive is a phrase in which "to" is separated from the verb (I decided to quickly go home and eat", some say is poor style or incorrect split infinitive
made or carried out in a perfunctory matter, as a matter of formality Pro Forma
war novel from the 60s by American Joseph Heller, the term comes from a provision in army regulations regarding active duty, absurd arrangement that places a person in a doulbe bind (to get a job one needs experience, to get experience one needs a job Catch 22
set of international rules that govern wartime behavior, including treatment of prisoners, the wounded, civilians, ambulances, hospitals, nearly all countries have agreed to the Geneva converntions, first drawn up in late 19th century Geneva Conventions
in latin "you shall have the body", legal term meaning that an accused person must be presented physically before the court with a statement demonstrating sufficient cause for arrest habeus corpus