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test 1


What parameter is used to evaluate the respiratory component of acid-base balence Paco2
What is a base? A base excepts H+ ions
What is an acid An acid donates H+ ions
The metabolic component of acid base balence is primarily controlled by the : Renal system
The respiratory component of acid base balence is controlled by the pulmonary system
normal value for pH 7.40
normal value for PvCO2 48
normal value for PvO2 40
normal value for SvO2 70-75
What is meant by the term mixed venous blood? An average of all venous values in the body coming back to the heart.
Mixed venous blood is obtained by what anatomical area? Blood from the right atrium where blood is being dumped from the SVC and IVC.
pH2O at BTPS is 47 torr
the water vapor content at BTPS is 44 torr
what are the major components of an A-line? Saline bag, pressure tubing, spike, clamp, transducer,flush device, stop cock, and end accomadates catheter
What is the formula for MAP systolic pressure+diastolic+diastolic/3
normal range for MAP 70-105 torr
The relationship between HCO3 and pH is direct
What is a fixed acid? A fixed acid is an acid that cannot change state
Example of a fixed acid lactic acid
What is a volatile acid? An acid that can change from a liquid state to a gas, an example is H2CO3
The numerical difference between the normal total base in a blood sample and the actual amount of base in the sample is called base excess
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