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Sadlier Oxford E

Sadlier Oxford Level E Unit 8-14 Final

abjure (v) to renounce, repudiate under oath; to avoid, shun forswear, retract, recant, abstain from
acquiesce (v) to accept without protest; to agree or submit to comply with, accede, consent, yield
acrid (adj) harsh in taste or odor; sharp in manner or temper irritating, stinging, bitter, caustic
alacrity (n) cheerful readiness; brisk and eager action promptness, willingness, dispatch, celerity
allocate (v) to set apart for a special purpose; to distribute assign, allot, apportion
allure (v) to entice, tempt; to be attractive to; (n) a strong attraction; the power to attract, charm beguile, tantalize, temptation, enticement
appall (v) to fill with dismay or horror shock, stun, stupefy, horrify
applicable (adj) relevant, suitable, capable of being applied appropriate, fit, apt, apposite
apprehensive (adj) anxious, especially about the future worried, nervous, fretful, jittery
ardent (adj) enthusiastic, impassioned intense, zealous, fervent, avid
askew (adj) twisted to one side, crooked; (adv) disapprovingly awry, lopsided, cockeyed
asset (n) something of value, a resource, an advantage property, possession, holding, endowment
assiduous (adj) persistent, attentive, diligent industrious, unremitting, sedulous
august (adj) majestic, inspiring admiration and respect stately, dignified, exalted, venerble
beset (v) to attack from all sides; to surround, hem in(adj, participle) harassed, troubled; studded (as with jewels) assail, harass, badger, pester, torment
blithe (adj) cheerful, lighhearted, casual, unconcerned carefree, nochalant, indifferent
brash (adj) prone to act in a hasty manner; impudent rash, impetuous, brazen, impertinent
callous (adj) emotionally hardened, unfeeling insensitive, unsympathetic, thick-skinned
chastise (v) to inflict punishment or to scold in order to correct discipline, censure
clairvoyant (adj) supernaturally perceptive; (n) one who posesses extrasensory powers,seer (adj) insightful, discerning,uncanny; (n) visionary
commend (v) to praise, express approval; to committ to the care of applaud, entrust
compunction (n) remorse, regret scrupule, qualm, misgiving, contrition
conclusive (adj) serving to settle an issue, final decisive, indisputable, convincing, definitive
conflagration (n) alarge destructive fire holocaust, wildfire
consecrate (v) to make sacred, hallow, to set apart for a special purpose devote, dedicate, sanctify
contentious (adj) quarrlesome, inclined to argue disputatious, combative, argumentative
copious (adj) abundant; wordy ample, profuse, bountiful
covet (v) to desire something that belongs to another crave, yearn for, hunger for
crestfallen (adj) discouraged, dejected, downcast despondent, disconsolate
decorum (n) proper behavior, good taste, orderliness seemliness, propriety, good form
deride (v) to ridicule, laugh at with contempt mock, scorn, disparage, jeer at
deviate (v) to turn aside, to stray from a norm; (n) one who departs from a norm; (adj) differing from a norm, heterodox, unconventional diverge, veer, swerve
disheveled (adj) mussed; rumpled; hanging in disorder untidy, disarranged, tousled, unkempt
disparage (v) to belittle, speak slightingly of, undervalue degrade, decry,run down, underrate
disreputable (adj) not respectable, not esteemed disgraceful, discreditable, shady
dissonant (v) not in harmony, disagreeing, at odds strident, grating, irreconcilable
droll (adj) amusingly odd comical, humorous, whimsical, zany
duress (n) using threat to prompt an action; forcible confinement; compulsion by threat intimidation, coercion
edict (n) an order issued by someone in authority command, decree, proclamation
elated (adj, part) in high spirits, jubilant; extremely pleased overjoyed, ecstatic, tickled pink
elucidate (v) to clarify, explain interpret, expound, explicate
emaciated (adj; participle) unnaturally thin gaunt, withered, shriveled
endemic (adj) native or confined to a particular region or people; characteristic of or prevalent in a field indigenous, restricted to
exponent (n) one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets defender, champion, interpreter
exuberant (adj)high-spirited; unrestrained; enthusiastic; excessive, abundant lively, ebullient, irrepressible, lavish
fathom (v) to understand; to determine the depth of; (n) measure of depth in water grasp, comprehend, figure out, plumb
garrulous (adj) given to much talking, tediously chatly loquacious, talkative, long-winded
gnarled (adj) knotted, twisted, lumpy mishhapen, contorted
guile (n) treacherous cunning, deciet trickery, duplicity, chicanery
imbibe (v) to drink; to take in, absorb swallow, gulp, quaff, assimilate, digest
indelible (adj) not able to be erased or removed; memorable lasting, permanent, unforgettable
indemnity (n) payment for damage or loss compensation, restitution, reparation
indulgent (adj) yielding to the wishes or demands of others lenient, permissive, tolerant, liberal
infinitesimal (adj) minute, immeasureably small miniscule, microscopic, unnoticeable
inkling (n) hint, vague notion clue, intimation, suggestion
innocuous (adj) harmless, inoffensive; insignificant feeble, impotent, unobjectionable, insipid
insuperable (adj) incapable of being overcome invincible, insurmountable
inveterate (adj) firmly established, long-standing, habitual persisting, chronic, dyed-in-the-wool
laud (v) to praise hail, extol, glorify, exalt
loll (v) to act in a lazy manner; to lounge; to recline; to droop loiter, loaf, sag, dangle
loquacious (adj) talkative, wordy, fond of talking gossipy, voluble, garrulous, long-winded
misconstrue (v) to interpret wrongly, mistake the meaning of misjudge, misinterpret
misnomer (n) an unsuitable or misleading name malapropism, misnaming
multifarious (adj) having great variety; numerous and diverse varied, manifold, heterogeneous
nondescript (adj) ordinary, not outstanding, not easily classified plain, unremarkable, unimpressive
obnoxious (adj) highly offensive, arousing strong dislike disagreeable, repugnant, hateful, odious
omnivorous (adj) eating every kind of food; eagerly taking in everything, having a variety of tastes all-devouring, voracious
palatable (adj) agreeable to one's taste or to one's sensibilities, suitable for consuption edible, appetizing, attractive
phlegmatic (adj) slow-moving, sluggish; unemotional lethargic, indolent, torpid, stolid, impassive
placate (v) to appease, soothe, pacify satisfy, mollify, allay, conciliate
plagarism (n) passing off or using as one's own the writing or materials of another person piracy, theft
poignant (adj) deepy touching; sharp in taste or smell heartrending, bittersweet, melancholy
protrude (v) to stick out, thrust forth project, jut out, bulge
prowess (n) distinguished bravery; superior skill or ability valor, courage, heroism, mastery, proficiency
quandary (n) a state of perplexity or doubt confusion, dilemma, predicament
quell (v) to subdue, put down forcibly suppress, pacify, squelch, quash, crush
quiescent (adj) inactive; at rest still, inert, motionless, dormant, tranquill
recalcitrant (adj) stubbornly disobedient, resisting authority unruly, obstinate, contrary, ornery
reprisal (n) an injury done in return for injury retaliation, revenge, retribution
rescind (v) to repeal, cancel withraw, revoke, retract, annul, abrogate
respite (n) a period of relief or rest interval, intermission, lull, breather
retribution (n) repayment; a deserved punishment recompense, requital, just deserts
revel (v) to take great pleasure in; (n) a wild celebration relish, savor, bask in, carouse
ruminate (v) to meditate, thinkabout at length; to chew the cud ponder, reflect, mull over, muse
sedate (adj) quiet, settled, sober; (v) to administer a tranquilizer unruffled, composed, cool and collected
sinuous (adj) winding, having many curves; lithe and flexible twisting, convoluted, serpentine, supple
sonorous (adj) full, deep, or rich in sound; impressive in style resonant, resounding, grandiloquent
sophomoric (adj) immature and overconfident, conceited pretentious, superficial, fatuous
stark (adj) harsh, unrelieved, desolate; (adv) utterly (adj) sheer, downright, grim, bleak; (adv) absolutely
stentorian (adj) extremely loud thundering, booming, deafening, earsplitting
stipulate (v) to arrange specifically; to require as a condition for an agreement specify, contract, provide for
stultify (v) to make ineffective or useless, to cripple; to have a dulling effect on smother, stifle, neutralize, negate
suave (adj) smoothly agreeable or polite; pleasing to the senses sophisticated, urbane, polished
tacit (adj) unspoken, silent; implied; inferred unexpressed, unvoiced, understood, implicit
trenchant (adj) incisive, keen, forceful, effective; cutting, caustic; distinct, clear-cut penetrating, cutting, telling, acute
ultimatum (n) a final proposal or statement of conditions ,final terms
vanguard (n) the foremost part of an army; the leading position in any field forefront, cutting edge, trailblazers
vivacious (adj) lively, sprightly, full of energy spirited, animated, ebullient
wastrel (n) a wasteful person, spendthrift; a good-for-nothing loafer, idler, squanderer, profligate
whet (v) to sharpen; put an edge on; to make keen or eager hone, excite, stimulate
Created by: rosso1
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