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Ph ID Emergencies

Pharm Emerg Med

treatment priorities for sepsis oxygen, aggressive fluid replacement, vasopressors (dopamine, dobutamine, norepi, vasopressin)
empiric broad spectrum antibiotics used in sepsis 3rd gen cephalosporins + aminoglycoside (ceftazidime and gentamycin), +/- vancomycin (MRSA)/clindamycin (anerobes)
recombinant human activated protein C, only FDA approved drug used solely for the treatment of sepsis in the adult patient with high risk of death. only for use in the ICU Xigris
empiric treatment for bacterial meningitis begin antibiotics immediately (ceftriaxone or cefotoaxime 2 g IV and vanc. add ampicillin for pts <3months/>55 and or immunocomp
what do you add to empiric therapy for meningitis if HSV is suspected acyclovir
what do you give concurrently with empiric antibiotics when treating bacterial meningitis dexamethasone, continue for 4 days
supportive care for bacterial meningitis hydration, pain meds, anticonv, antiemetics
outpatient antibiotics for pneumonia azithro, doxy, levo, cefpodoxime+azithro
inpatient regimens for pneumonia ceftriaxone+azithro, resp fluoroq, +/- vanc
Duration of tx for uncomplicated cystitis in non-pregnant women/men 3-5 days
what is the duration of treatment for uncomplicated cystitis in children, preg women, and complicated infections in everyone else 7-10 days
antibiotics for cystitis tmp/smz, nitrofurantoin, quinolones, cephalexin
treatment for pyelonephritis cipro 7-10 days, levo for 7 days, augmentin 10 days, cephalexin 10 days
treatment of impetigo cephalexin, diclox, mupirocin, retapamulin
outpatient treatment for cellulitis cephalexin, diclox, augmentin, doxy, minocycline, (MRSA-tmp/smx-bactrim or clinda
inpatient treatment for cellulitis IV clinda, IV vanc +/- cefazolin
treatment of a fresh bite <24 hours old exploration/irrigation/immobilization, primary closure if face/head/neck, tetanus/rabies prophylaxis
prophylactic antibiotics for fresh bite augmentin, moxifloxacin, clindamycin + ciprofloxacin
incubation of malaria in returning travelers varies from <2 weeks to >6 weeks
PID tx ceftriaxone + azithromycin OR doxycycline + metronidazole (outpatient)
Chancroid tx Ceftriaxone or zithro (1 dose)
meningitis bugs: neonates GBS, E coli, listeria; tx = amp & cefotaxime (Claforan)
meningitis bugs: 1 mo - 50 yo SP, Neisseria, H flu
meningitis bugs: >50 yo / EtOH SP, listeria; tx = amp + rocephin + dex
meningitis tx: 1 - 3 mos Amp + (rocephin or cefotaxime) + Dex
meningitis tx: 3 mos - 50 yo (rocephin or cefotaxime) + vanc + Dex
PEP for meningitis post exposure prophylaxis = rifampin for household contacts/droplet exp only; alts = cipro or rocephin
Created by: Abarnard