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pharm final 5/2010

pharm final

Adm OTC antiemetic patch how long before travel 30 min
s/e of antihist/antichol dry mouth and drowsy
compazine is used to treat vomiting and psychotic behavior,when used as an anti-emetic you will give in smaller doses
when is ipecac (emetic) contraindicated ingestion of chlorine bleach
how do opiates act as an anti diuretic agent decreases intestinal motility
cause of peptic ulcers hypersecretion of pepsin
tx for diarrhea give atopime(LOMOTIL),it's in what class anticholinergic
how can you restore fluid and electroltes at home gatorade and pedialyte
best way of preventing Gerd in a non-pharmaological way promote weight loss in the obese
how does Zantac work a h2 antagonist,inhibits @h2 receptor
PPI's act by doing what inhibits gastric secretion
prostaglandin mysoprostal NSAID treatment
carafate for PUD treats how coats ulcer
non immunized for Hep B gets stuck needs both hep b vaccine and immunoglobulin
cirrhosis c +4 edema, most important lab value to check albumin
most rapid effect of dulcolax is when given on an empty stomach
c viopase taken for pancreatitis client's stools will appear normal
pt bleeding c esophageal varices is taking Zantac why prevents irritation
what can we give pt c choliathiasis who is poor candidate for surgery Actigall
pt c fluid restriction is constipated wants to know he can't take bulk forming laxative requires increased fluid intake
immodium is given for txment of what diarrhea
client c cirr,+4 edema, normal Na+, low K+, getting spirolactalone and lasix, what do u do Give K+sparing Spiron and hold K+ waisting lasix
pt on Lactulose complains of diarrhea s/e, tell pt to continue use because it improves neural funtion
cirrhosis taking Inderal, why? dec risk of bleeding from varices
lady calls in and says that a chef at her fav resteraunt tested pos for Hep A, wants to know what to do come in and get immunoglobulin
senokot decreases vomiting when given to whom cancer patients
Gerd caused by incompetent lower esophageal sphincter
gram neg bacillus c peptic ulcer h pylori
difflucan is tx for candidiasis(yeast infection)
Dulcolax is a contact laxative
client with IBS taking Bentyl should be taken when c 4 small meals and at bedtime
only give emetics when ingested substance is known
c antidiarrheals avoid use of tranquilizers, sedatives, and other narcotics
dx c acute diarrhea, allergic to aspirin(salicylic) cannot give what pepto-bismol(contraind c salicylics)
when poisoned you do not immed take what ipecac(must first find out what substance ingested was)
pt receiving complimentary ther of alpha-interferon c ribovirin you must monitor what lymphocyte count
mother of 5 year old, doesn't feel he's tall enough asks if he could get GH therapy? must be documented proof of gh deficiency
client newly diagnosed c hypothyroidism is prescribed levothyroxine sodium(synthroid) wants to know when energy level will increase several weeks for optimal effect
c insulin the hypoglycemic effect to look for is flushing face
pt wants to know which insulin injection has the longest lasting effect Lantus
client D/C Prednisone advice them to taper off
insulin with fewest allergy s/e humilin
PTH causes prod of calcitonin
phy orders NPH insulin to be given IV q day,nurse should contact phy about contraindicated route
insulin inj @7 am is Humilin R & N, adm how 1 inj--draw up R first(clear before cloudy)
usually when a 60 y old dev diabetes, it's which type Type II
client c medic alert bracelet for DM passes out, what's the best way to tx if poss give glycagon injection
client c grave's dx is taking PTU for six wks,c/o fever & sore throat, early indication for what agranulocytosis
Paget's Dx Rx to do what decreases mobilization of calcium from bone
to distinguish if hypothyroidism is from a def in pit or thyroid check TSH level
ICU nurse is expectiong client c ketoacidosis, which insulin should nurse have ready Regular
PTU taken for sev wks or 6-18 months
18 yo c severe acne pres Accutane,which statement lets u know that she understands nur directions for taking I need to have a preg test prior to start and proven method of contraception during tx c accutane
instuctions nurse gives to client for use of anti-histamine for pruritis(itching)inc s/e causes drowsiness
nurse using high potency corticosteroid(topical), how long does nurse anticipate to use no longer than 2 weeks
silvadene being used to tx burns and sepsis in pt, must watch out for what can cause crystalluria
in a burn inj there is a shift of fluid which IV fluid is commonly used for fluid replacement Lactated Ringer's
high cost biological agents to tx psoriasis all have s/e of inc risk of infection(cause they are all immunosuppressants)
using Bendryl c contact dermatitis risk of allergy to systemic Benadryl
which is leading cause of death and organ function failure relating to burns sepsis
supp vit and min good for wound healing are vita c, sulfate, and zinc
stabilized client adm to burn unit which anxiolytic could u give to potentiate analgesic tx versed
20 yo burn pt refuses to go outside, nur diagnosis disturbed self concept
folic acid def pre-conception can cause neural tube defects
most imp assess int for pt on Mg sulfate assess for clonus and Deep Tendon Reflexes
tocolytic meds do what slow uterine contractions
pre-term labor pt receives serial sub Q breathine inj to inhibit tachycardia
pitocin 10 units IM given for what prevent uterine atony
what needs to be readily available c uterine hyperstimulation is desired Breathine (Terbut sulfate)
meas to prevent bleeding in nb vita k inj
client exp after birth pains, no relief from mech tech,give Ibuprofin
iron and antacids should be taken at least 2 hrs apart
oral contraceptives are contraind in Thromboembolytic Dx
progestine--only will do what alters cervical mucus(mucosa)
oral contraceptive teaching ACHES
pt c endometriosis prescribed Danzanol start when during menstrual cycle
health teach for depo inc bone loss
freq reported c short term hypoglycemia flushing of face
mini-pill missed a dose take 1 now and use back-up contrac method,cont reg schedule
need teach if pt says about menopause swimming will help bone loss
pt c endometiosis what is not a symptom HTN NOT a symptom
pt c combo PO contraceptive missed dose take 2 at norm time for next 2 days
Indication for androgen tx hypogonadism
lab tests c androgen tx show inc cholesterol
androgen tx contraind c BPH
abused by athletes anabolic steroids
older adult gets what percent of peak level of testosterone 50%
viagara adm how long before sex 30 min to 4 hrs prior
BPH pt ordered to get Proscar, expect what ther effect dec dribbling
c androgen tx,sexual char will appear in 3 to 4 years
viriling s/e of androgen tx is facial hair
vaginal gonnorrhea infection Rx what Citraxone(Rocephin)
phy orders diflucan for tx of candidiasis
Client teach about Clomid,what s/e inducing ovulation
stress c couple caused by infertility timing of coitus
Clomid contraind in unexplained vag bleeding
STD's c cures Gonn,Chlamydia, and Sphillus
drug reg for hiv tx individualized why? virus mutates continuously
HIV closely monitored during tx for bone marrow suppression
pts taking DDAVP for DI need to monitor what daily weights
DI c DDAVP no sub Q (oral or nasal only)
c Addison's electrolyte panel will show Excess Na+ and water, and dec K+
oral agent used to tx Acne Vulgaris Isotretinin(Accutane)
most effective topical agent for Acne Vulgaris Benzoyl Peroxide
dermatologic disorder char by hard, horny nodules freq treated c podophyllum or salicylic acid warts
used to tx male alopecia(hair loss) propecia
an acceptable emergent tx for a small thermal burn(<10%) apply Bacitracin Ointment to keep down infection
substance that freq causes Avascular Tubular Necrosis in clients c deep tissue injury from burns myoglobin
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