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Vocab Unit 10

Unit 10 Vocab

Adept (adj.) thoroughly skilled (n.) an expert
Aspire (v.) to have ambitious hopes or plans, stive toward a higher goal, desire earnestly, to ascend
Bleak (adj.) bare, dreamy, dismal
Chide (v.) to blame; scold
Despicable (adj.) worty of scorn, compemtible
Diminutive (adj.) small, smaller than most other of the same type
Emancipate (v.) to free from slavery; to release or liberate
Erroneous (adj.) incorrect, containing mistakes
Exploit (v.) to make use of, develop; to make improper use of for personal profit; (n.) a feat, deed
Extemporaneous (adj.) made or delivered on the spur of the moment
Impair (v.) to make or delivered on the spur of the moment
Invincible (adj.) not able to be defeated, unbeatable
Languid (adj.) drooping, without energy, sluggish
Mire (n.) mud; wet, swampy ground; a tough situation; (v.) to get stuck
Obtrusive (adj.) forward, undesriably prominent, thrust out
Preamble (n.) an introduction to a speech or piece of writing
Render (v.) to cause to become; to perform; to deliver offcially; to process, extract
Rugged (adj.) rough, irregular, severe, stern, storng, stormy
Skeptical (adj.) inclined to doubt; slow to accept something as true
Slipshod (adj.) untidy in dress, personal habits, ect. ; careless, sloppy
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