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Appreciation of Art

Art 1113

Artist roles(not) Give structure and meaning to the class system.
Value of art(not) Personal or familial value.
Actual vs Implied Implied is created by movement. Actual is physically present.
Other Public Art Art that can be found anywhere, gardens, manmade, etc.
National Endowment for the arts Provide funding for exceptional artworks. Bring art to everyone.
Non objective makes no reference to world, explores formal elements.
Ethnocentrism evaluating in own cultural standards.
Iconography system of images widely understood by culture or group.
Convention traditional or accepted way.
Semantics study of signs and symbols.
Armory Show exposed America to “Modern Art”
Line Mark left by moving point.
Outline perceived line that marks border of an object in space.
Contour line edge of a shape or figure depicted by an actual line.
Implied Line movement or direction, pointing finger, glance, body moving through space.
Activist Art inform or engage the public in ideas socially or politically.
Intertextuality blending specific languages, words symbols, and styles.
Content meaning of an image beyond its subject matter.
Art for wide audience Public art.
Contrapposto hips and legs turned opposite to shoulders and chest.
Shot Continuous sequence of frames (film).
Slab(construction) ceramic, clay rolled out flat and then shaped by hand.
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