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GPS Terms

GPS Terms and Definitions

GPS GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation technology that provides precise time and location anywhere, anytime and under any atmospheric conditions, by using the NAVSTAR satellites.
Waypoint A waypoint is a saved set of co-ordinates
Track The direction you are moving in. Also called a Heading.
Route A series of one or more waypoints.
Bearing The direction from where you are to where you want to go (GOTO)
GOTO GPS feature to plot the bearing and distance to some waypoint. Careful...this is a straight line and doesn't necessarily indicate the best route to take.
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation Service - available in newer GPS's. Improves positional accuracy.
DGPS Differential GPS - A technique for improving gps solution accuracy
Selective Availability A process that allows the DoD to limit the accuracy available to GPS users
Spoofing The deliberate transmission of fake signals to fool a GPS receiver
WGS-84 World Geodetic System of 1984. a reference system for global navigation and measurement. Used by the NAVSTAR GPS system
Arc second 1/60 of an arc minute
Arc minute 1/60 of a degree
Statute Mile A unit of distance equal to 5280 feet. It is sometimes referred to as a land mile (1.609 km)
Nautical Mile A unit of length used in marine navigation that is equal to 1 arc minute of a great circle on a sphere. One international nautical mile is equivalent to 1,852 meters or 1.151 statue miles
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival (when you will get there)
ETE Estimated Time Enroute (how long before you get there)
Latitude an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator
Longitude Measurement east or west of the prime meridian in degrees, minutes and seconds
Prime Meridian An imaginary line running from north to south through Greenwich, England, used to measure longitude. The prime meridian is at zero degrees longitude
Greenwich Meridian same as Prime Meridian
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