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Study Skills

Spring Semester Test Review T/F

When setting goals be specific as possible. True
Make sure goals are measurable so you can see your progress. True
It's not necessary to be realistic when you set goals. False
When you set up a study place at home keep the area for studying only. True
Stock up your study aea with supplies you will need. True
It is not important toset up a study schedule. False
Control the noise level or avoid distractors such as a television in the study area. True
When taking a test you should look it over and read all the directions before you begin. True
Do the easiest questions first when taking a test. True
Eliminate answers when taking a multiple choice test. True
Most statements which use "always" or "never" are generally false on true and false tests. True
If part of the stement on a true or false question is false, the entire statement is not false. False
There are usually more true answers than false answers on a T/F test. True
You should never guess on a T/F test. False
Qualifiers such as "usually, generally, and sometimes usually make the statement false. False
On a multiple choice test read all answer choices before selecting one. True
On a multiple choice test look for two answer choices that are opposites. True
Look for hints about the correct answer choice in other items on the test. True
Do not change you initial answer unless you are sure another answer choice is correct. True
Choose "none of the above" if you are certain all other answer choices in the item are correct. False
Created by: Karen Copanic