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Health and Medicine Chapter 19

Life expectancy is the average age of death of the members of a population
health according to the World Health Organization, is "the ability of an individual to achieve his or her potential and to responds to challenges of the environment"
environmental racism is the tendency to heap environmental dangers on the disadvantaged
public health system comprises government-run programs that ensure access to clean drinking water, basic sewage and sanitation services, and inoculation against infections diseases
health care system is composed of a nation's clinics, hospitals, and other facilities for ensuring health and treat illness
infant mortality is the number of death before age of one for every 1000 live birth in a population in one year
morbidity refers to acute chronic illness
socialized medicine the government (1)directly controls the financing and organization of health services, (2)directly pays providers, (3)guarantees equal access to health care, (4)allows some private care for individuals who are willing to pay for their medical expenses
medicalization of deviance is the tendency for medical definitions of deviant behavior to become more prevalent over time
sick role according to Talcott Parsons, playing the sick role involves the non-deliberate suspension of routine responsibilities, wanting to be well, seeking competent help, and cooperating with health care practitioners at all times
placebo effect is the positive influence on healing of a strong belief in the effectiveness of a cure
holistic medicine emphasizes disease prevention. Holistic practitioners treat disease by taking into account the relationship between mind and body and between the individual and his or her social and physical environment
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