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Illiad Review


I'm from Ithaca, an island of Greece, and I didn't want to go to war. Odysseus
I'm from Mycenae, and I sent 100 ships with black sails. No wonder I was commander in cheif. Agamemnon
I'm the oldest and most experienced general. I hail from the sandy Pylos in the western fingers of Greece called Peloponnesus. Nestor
My name means "good old red head" and I was "red hot" when I found my wife was kidnapped by a guest in my house in Sparta. Menelaos
Son of TydeusAchean w/ rounded skills in battleAthena helped me win the chariot race at Patroclos's funeralA spy w/ OdysseusFought Hector bravely when Achilles didn'tRan into the grandson of my father's good friendYoungest Greek chieftain Diomedes
I live on Mt. Olympus and I only eat ambrosia (god food). I'm the most powerful Greek god, I'm not omnipotent. I admire Hector, but my sister/wife heckles me so much I'd better not show too much favor. Zeus
A country and continent where one would travel today to visit the excavation of Troy. Turkey, Asia
A tiny passageway from the Aegean to Black Sea. (Hellespont or Bosporus) Dardanelles
Place once called Ilios or city of Priam Troy
Historians think this battle DID occur, and happened around 1000 BC. Its roots probably were economic such as tolls, taxes, or piracy. Trojan War
I was tending sheep on Mt. Ida, and I didn't know I was a prince until Aphrodite told me. Paris
God:CloundgathererI can throw a thunderbolt Zeus
God:EarthshakerI can cause hurricanes and tidal waves and shake up that old planet Earth. Poseidon
God:ShootafarI wreaked havoc on the Greeks. I arrange for the sun to rise and control healing. Apollo
God:BrighteyesIntelligence and wisdome is evident in my eyes. I gave the Greeks the olve--which yielded fruit, its oil, and a tree to grow in an arid country. I handle the Greek's homeland security. Athena
SilverfootI married a mortal, Peleus, even though I'm a sea nymph. I can visit Mt. Olympus and get an audience with the gods (particularly Poseidon and Zeus). Thetis
God:CrookshankI seem to be the only Olympian who is employed. Hephaestus
The prophecy at my birth said I would cause the fall of Troy. Paris
The prophet thought I could save Troy if I could only reach manhood. Troilus(Hector's brother)
Apollo gave me the gift of prophecy, but when I rebuffed his advances, he twisted his gift and now I'm not believed, even though I'm always right. Cassondra
The hero of the Iliad; physically I'm the strongest Greek Warrior. Achilles
"The noblest son of King Priam," I'm to be the next king. Hector
I am a "silver-tongued" double agent to sell those Trojans on dragging that horse into their city. Sinon
Text only mentions my beautiful bare arms and my fragrant smell, but my name is synonymous with the most beautiful mortal woman. Helen
Name that Twosome:Out of hundreds of suitors, I won her hand, and when I lost her, my fellow suitors were called on to uphold their pledge to keep this marriage in tact. Menelaos and Helen
Name that Twosome:I'm called patient and prudent and refuse to believe my husband is dead or has forgotten about me or our son Telemachus. Odysseus and Penelope
Name that Twosome:War buddies who developed a bond of friendship from their teens; their ashes were put into the same urn after their deaths at Troy. Achilles and Patroclos
Name that Twosome:We were nighttime spies for the Greek Army and came home with excellent, fresh white horses after our raid against the Trojan sympathizers, the Lycians. Odysseus and Diomedes
Name that Twosome:The sons of Atreus. Agamemnon and Menelaos
Name that Twosome:We are the sisters who married the Atreides. Helen and Clytemnesira
Name that Twosome:My brother and I are in a bad situation. We feel we must avenge the death of our father who was killed by our mother and her lover, Aegisthus (Agamemnon's 1st cousin). Electra and Orestes
Name that Twosome:We thought WE were the fairest. Once Paris gave Aphrodite the golden apple, we were zealous in being his enemies. Hera and Athena
Name that Twosome:"I think those 2 blackballed me and that's why I didn't win Achilles's second suit of armor," said Ajax before he went off and really embarrassed himself. Menelaos and Agamemnon
Name that Twosome:Our feud the incident about returning Chryseis and taking his prize, Briseis, nearly lost the war for the Greeks. Agamemnon and Achilles
Name that Twosome:They hoped their son, Astyanax, would be allowed to live and become a great man, but the Greeks through him off the battlements when Troy fell. Hector and Andromache
God:Love and beauty Aphrodite
God:Marriage and childbirth Hera
God:War, but not as fierce as the Roman's war god. Ares
God:Sea, ocean, water Poseidon
God:Wisdom, Greek homland, weaving Athena
God:Messenger whose winged helmet and heels are still used as symbols of speed and efficiency. Hermes
God:I have green eyes of jealousy, and I created Argus to spy on Zeus as well as the eyes in the peacock's tail. Hera
God:I can put on my helmet of invisibility, and my moniker is also the name of my domain. Hades
God:I'm the only employed god. I DON'T live on Mt. Olympus. Hephaestus
God:We are twins: Sun and Moon Apollo and Artemis
God:Son of Cronus, I'm the child who survived my cannibalistic father. I mad sure none of MY children have the opportunity to overthrow me. I'm powerful, but not totally omnipotent. Zeus
God:"Go Greeks!" I sent the sea serpents who squeezed Laocoon and his sons to death because they were taking the horse inside the gates. Poseidon
God:I fooled Hector by making him think his brother, Deophobus, was there to help him fight Achilles. I followed Hera's plan of NOT letting the Greeks win w/o destroying Troy. I made Trojan archer, Pandaros, break the truce by shooting Menelaos. Athena
My arms are disproportionately long, my chest is wide, and I'm no great orator. I'm known for my trickery, chicanery, and wits. Called "wily." Odysseus
"Please don't leave me. You're all the family I've got. Why must you fight for a woman we didn't want brought here in the 1st place?" Andromache
Think of me as the NEW Achilles and just as fierce in battle. I'm the one who cut off Priam's head and sacrificed young Polyxena, pouring her blood over my father's ashes. Neoptolenmes
"Father, father, please don't sacrifice me." Iphigenia
"That horse is a curse. Don't take it into the city." Why won't anyone believe me? Cassondra
My death provoked a funeral 2nd to none. It included an olympics with events in the chariot race, a boxing match, a wrestling match, a spear throw, and archery event, and a discus throw. Patroclus
"And will you agree that whoever loses shall have his body given back to his family?" Hector (to Achilles)
"Think of your own aging mortal father. If the outcome had been the opposite, would not his heart be broken?" Priam
How will I start my epic poem? hmmm."An angry man--there's my story: the bitter rancor of Achilles, prince of the house of Peleus, which brought a thousand troubles upon the Achaian host." Homer
"Political asylum! Help me. My fellow Greeks were going to sacrifice me. I fear them as much as you, and have I got a horse for you!" Sinon
"Mother, there's a wall of fire everywhere. If I'm off to found Rome, you're going to have to get me throught this tragedy and to a ship." Aeneas
Name the Son:Laertides Odysseus
Name the Son:Odysseus Telemachus
Name the Son:Peleides Achilles
Name the Son:Priamides (6) HectorParisCassondraTroilusHelenusDeophobus
Name the Son:Achilleides Neoptolemus or Pyrrhus
Name the Son:Tydeides Diomedes
Name the Son:Hectorides(I don't live so long) Astyanex
Name the Daughter:Helen and Menelaos Hermiome
Name the Son:MenoititadesPeleus raised me when my father found me too much to handle. You see, they say I killed a man when I was a teen. Patroclus
Name the Son:Nestorides(We only meet one) Antilochos
Name the Son:I'm given credit for the 1st lighthouse and other mental achievements. My father thought I had been wrongly accused and executed by fellow Greeks. He got even w/ the Greek generals who were in Troy by telling they've been unfaithful. Palimedes
Name the Son:Atreides (2) Agamemnon and Menelaos
Mentor of Achilles when he was home in Argos Patroclus
Machaon (his job) Suregon/Medic
Charioteer for Achilles who drives for Patroclus on his faithful journey to the Trojan Wall Automedon
Trojan archer, I shoot Menelaos during the cease fire foolishly thinking I will earn greatness. However, Athena makes sure the wound is only a surface wound. Panderous
Greek archer, 1/2 brother of Ajax, I shoot arrow after arrow at Hector, but I must admit Apollo is looking out for that Trojan. Teucrows
I'm a great boxing contender at Patroclus's funeral olympics, but you wil meet me again as I built the Trojan horse Epeios
I was winning the footrace against Odysseus and Antiloches until Athena heard Odysseus's prayer and made me slip and fall into the manure from the chariot race. Ajax
Achilles has to declare a tie in wrestling at the funeral olympics between these 2 Greeks. Odysseus and Big Ajax
We're the 2 Olympian messengers Zeus sends down to the battle field with deals, encouragement, and explanation of omens. Hermes and Iris
I told the Greeks they had offended Artemis, so they must sacrifice a royal maiden to get a good wind to sail for Troy.I told Achilles the reason the dogs, mules, then Greeks were dying on the field was caused by Agamemnon offending Apollo. Calcahas
I hoped to earn fame among the Trojans when I went on a night spy mission, but I lost my head instead. Dolon
I'm a huge spearman from Crete. You'll find me hiding in the HORSE when the time comes to take Troy from the inside. Idomenus
Prophet and son of Priam. After the war, my widowed sister-in-law, Andromache, and I were taken as slaves by Agamemnon. There was a storm en route back to Mycenae, he puts us off on an island hoping to change his luck. Eventually Andromache and I marry. Helenus
My sons and I realize the horse was BAD news, but Poseidon sent a sea serpent who squeezed me to death. Sinon used our deaths to convince the Trojans that the Gods were telling them WE were the bad omens. Laocoon
My dad advised me on how to win the chariot race, but Menelaos claimed foul. Anticholos--Nestor
Althought Athena helped me, I won the chariot race at Patroclus's funeral olympics. I'm the youngest Greek chieftain. Diomedes
5 actions of Thetis to avert Achilles prophecy 1. Allow the Trojan to win the war2. Made Hephaestus make a 2nd suit of armor3. Dressed Achilles as a girl in a group of women4. Warned him of his death5. Dipped him in teh river Styx
Created by: jeanalogue
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